Mixing brands with Android Wear, too much Lollipop monochrome, and more [From the Forums]



Do you blame poor Android Wear performance on your choice of smartphone? Are Lollipop’s design changes not your cup of tea? Then you have come to the right place. Here is everything good from Android Forums this week!

Mixing brands: Android Wear and smartphones

Does a Moto 360 work better with a Motorola smartphone? A G Watch with an LG handset? It seems a bit paranoid, but there might just be some truth to the claim…or not. If you have any experience, Cincybeartcatfan (and others) would love to hear some hot takes on the matter.

Did Lollipop’s design changes go too far?

Who’s a fan of monochrome? Not RickPJ, it would seem. He asks if Google overdid it a bit on the design elements of Android 5.0 Lollipop, particularly a penchant for monochrome accents in when it comes to app icons and the notification bar. While the goal of Material Design is to make the interface more intuitive and therefor more usable, the argument here is that Google overshot the mark.

Where can noobs post basic questions?

At Android Forums, silly! But seriously, that’s a totally legitimate question that people are often too embarrassed to ask. The folks at Android Forums are friendly, though, and we have ample forums organized by device to make sure your question reaches the right people. It helps to search around first to make sure your topic hasn’t already been covered, but feel free to ask away no matter what your level of Android expertise.

Bah-humbg! It’s the holidays!

An oldie but a goodie, the thread for the Scrooges of the world has been resurrected (religious pun totally intended) just in time for The Season of Good Cheer 2014 Edition. Yes, that was both a holiday and Samsung-themed joke. If you absolutely despise this time of year and relate more to the Heatmisers of the world, you’ll feel right at home.

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