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HTC Desire 612 Verizon Wireless TK Tech News

Once rumored to be hitting Verizon Wireless in mid-September, it appears the release of the HTC Desire 612 is inching ever closer. Thanks to a tip, we now find the device listed on Verizon’s Equipment Guides page plain as day, for all to see.

Verizon HTC Desire 612

Diving through the HTC Desire 612’s documentation, it’s pretty much the standard setup information (powering on the phone, button placement, how to insert SIM card, that sorta thing), with no word on actual hardware specs. We’ll assume this is a slightly higher end version of the HTC Desire 610, once rumored to hit Verizon after an HTC device carrying the model number OP90300 passed through the FCC last month.

Expect this phone to become official in the coming days.

UPDATE: It looks as if TK Tech News has gotten a hold of an actual press render and is promising to reveal hardware specs any minute. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

UPDATE 2: They wont make your jaw drop, but here are the alleged specs as revealed by TK Tech News:

4.7-inch qHD display
BoomSound stereo front facing speakers
2,040mAh battery
8MP / 1.3MP cameras
8GB internal storage
MicroSD up to 128GB
All metal body
Android 4.4.3

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