Punit Soni steps down as senior product manager at Motorola



Punit Soni, Motorola senior product manager, has stepped down from his post, sharing a farewell note and thanks via his Google+ page today. Soni joined Motorola two years ago, shortly after the company’s acquisition by Google, and was central to reshaping its approach to mobile devices.

Soni had a hand in developing the Moto X and Moto G, two devices that signaled a shift in Motorola’s business strategy and helped to rescue the Chicago-based wireless firm from its decline as one of the major players in the mobile industry. He was particularly proud of his work on the Moto G, and shared that his favorite moment as part of the company was when he had the opportunity to introduce the budget-friendly handset to a live audience in Brazil (the phone went on to become Motorola’s best-selling smartphone, and we are quite fond of its recent update).

Soni has not made public what he plans to pursue now that he has left Motorola. We’d be willing to bet he will land somewhere in the mobile space.

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  1. Let’s face it, Moto is living on borrowed time. This guy was just too important to the company.

    1. 9/10. Damned good effort.

  2. Can’t wait to see what Lenovo has in store for Moto.
    Wonder what the first Lenovo inspired device will look like?

    1. Hopefully, cheaper prices after they moved the Moto Maker factory to China.

      1. A Moto X with a wood or leather back ($25 extra over the other backs) costs less than a comparable S5 or HTC One M8 – both made in Asian factories. Not to mention a Moto G is $180, full price. What do you mean “cheaper”?

        1. Nexus 5 “cheaper”. I don’t care about a wood or leather back. That just sounds like another expensive item to replace after getting it wet.

        2. Hold up there, the S5 and M8 are in an entirely different league in comparison to the Moto X.

          The Moto X = Nexus 4. That’s some old tech right there.

          1. This year’s model of the Moto X is comparable to the s5 and m8.

          2. Yes, this year’s model, but not yesterdecade’s model.

          3. He was clearly talking about this year’s model. He specifically mentions leather backs, which are new this year. I see no reason to think he is talking about last year’s model.

  3. First Dennis who could make you believe in magic, now him.. Who else is next..

  4. Chances are my last two moto devices may be bought this year the moto x to replace my ladies X and possibly the droid turbo to replace my ultra

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