AT&T pre-orders begin for LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab S



If you’ve been holding off on getting the Galaxy Tab S in favor of some LTE-enabled options, AT&T is here to tempt you with a new pre-order for both the 8.4 and 10.5-inch models. The Tab S, which features a gorgeous Super AMOLED display and might just be the best tablet Samsung has ever made, will go on sale via AT&Ts retail channels beginning September 26th.

Pricing starts at $429 when buying the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with a new AT&T data plan. Without the contract subsidy, the slate retails for $529 (or $26.50 per month). The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is $100 more at $529 with data contract and $629 without ($31.50 per month). Those pre-ordering the Tab S from AT&T will also be eligible to save 50% on the optional Tab S keyboard attachment.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

We were left with quite a positive impression of the Tab S line, which Samsung launched in WiFi-only format earlier this year. It features the aforementioned high resolution Super AMOLED display along with a number of hardware and software features first introduced in Samsung’s popular Galaxy S5 smartphone (including a fingerprint scanner). Sprint currently carriers their own LTE-compatible version of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for those looking for other network options.

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  1. My parent’s tab s 8.4 is really laggy.. from asia with octa-core and phone calling… Is it only laggy on that version?

    1. Simply install another launcher (plenty of options) the lagginess everyone talk about is with the stock touchwiz launcher.

  2. Would be best to find the tab unlocked. At&t sold the note 8 and left it to rot on 4.1.2 jellybean.

    1. Lollll

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