Sep 17th, 2014 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:11 pm

Android Silver

Back in April we first heard rumors of a new program at Google called “Android Silver.” The idea behind Silver was for premium devices with Google branding, stock software, and a much bigger presence on carriers. A more mature Nexus program, if you will. Initial rumors claimed Android Silver would replace the Nexus program completely, but now we’re hearing the opposite.

Sources at The Information are saying Android Silver is probably dead. The project was being pushed by former Googler Nikesh Arora, but now that he is gone the project has been scrapped. The Information goes on to explain that the project was never fully embraced by Google, and carriers and OEMs were very skeptical. Now that Arora is gone there is no one pushing the idea.

It’s now clear that the Nexus program is the future for stock Android devices. Motorola and Google are reportedly working on a large Nexus device that should be coming with the launch of Android L. We were never really sure what Android Silver would bring, but it could have been cool if Google managed to get a bigger presence with carriers. Long live the Nexus.

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