ZTE ZMAX is a gigantic, affordable phablet for T-Mobile



Insert comment about phones getting bigger and how ridiculous it is. Glad we got that out-of-the-way.

ZTE’s latest attempt to gain market share in the US is a phablet for T-Mobile. The ZMAX is has a giant 5.7-inch display, but that is not the big selling point of this device. Most phablets are flagship devices with flagship prices, but the ZMAX is geared toward the mid-range market. This device will be available on Tmo for just $252 outright, or  about $10 a month for 2 years.

Despite its low price point this phablet packs a lot of features. It has a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 8MP camera, 16GB of storage, and a large 3400mAh battery. The biggest sacrifice you will make is the display only being 720p. At 5.7-inches you will definitely see some pixels. The ZMAX supports Tmo’s LTE network and Wi-Fi calling. It will be available for purchase starting September 24th.

Below you can see a size comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Is anyone interested in this phablet?

zte zmax note 4

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  1. “Below you can see a size comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.”


  2. I’m a fan of putting physical (soft) buttons on large bottom bezels… but not if they’re fugly.

  3. iphone killer ))

  4. It’s coming for MetroPCS as well. And the handset price will be competitive too.

  5. Is this a China company?

    1. I believe so. But their miraculous omission of a Mediatek processor make this a decent device.

  6. with only 720p and a snapdragon 400 + 3400mah(is it removable?) This could be in contention for battery life king.

    Manufacturers should make a battery life special edition, 4.7inch 720p screen w/ 4000mah removable. Yes it would be very thick, who cares?

  7. This is just an unnecessarily huge phone. It doesn’t have any special software features or even a stylus so it can’t be considered a phablet.

    1. Phablets don’t have special software or a stylus, sans Note. I have a OPO and still consider it a phablet. Just look at the new iPhone to classify the phablet category in the mainstream, 5.5+.

  8. If only they had gone a tad smaller, those bezels butcher it.

  9. This could totally pass as an old LG phone from before they learned how to design.

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