Get your wallet ready, Moto 360 to be back in stock tomorrow


Moto 360

Earlier today Motorola announced pre-order availability for the new Moto X. They also sneaked in word that the Moto 360 will be back in stock. When the 360 went up for sale just over a week ago it quickly went out of stock. In 30 minutes time it was back-ordered on Google Play, Best Buy, and Motorola.com. We’re not sure if this was more due to popularity or stocking problems, but Motorola is hoping to have enough this time around.

The pre-orders for the new Moto X start at 11am Central. Motorola did not give a specific time for when the Moto 360 will be back in time, but we’re guessing 11am is a good starting point. We’ll keep you posted on availability. If you’re looking to buy the watch from Google Play or Best Buy you’ll have to wait a little longer. Who is ready to buy this device in round 2? Or have the battery and performance reports scared you off?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I’m ready!!!!

  2. I really hope i can snag one but it’s unlikely due to limited supply.

  3. Wasn’t the review not very good for this watch?

    1. Other than it being dead sexy, the review was luke warm. Older processor being the culprit mostly.

  4. Fudge!! All this stuff coming out!! Now is not a good time to be the wallet of a tech junkie and gamer. LoL!!

  5. Do I wait until a 64 gb version of the Moto X is released?

  6. damnit best buy…hurry up with your nonsense

  7. I just walked into Best Buy yesterday to browse around and they had one in stock. Wearing it now.

    1. Just bought mine a couple of hours ago at my local BB, so happy!

  8. My God those things are huge and ugly.

    Hip Hop Rapper wear. Just waiting for the gold chain version with a 4″ diamond encircled screen that you hang around your neck. Bling-bling 4sure my Bro.

    Not fashionable at all!

    1. “Hip Hop Rapper wear”? Not only was that redundant, but a poor choice of words my man. Nice way to play up stereotypes..
      But it definitely has a different on-wrist look and feel. I suggest you see it in real life. its not as bulky as the pics and vids make it look.

    2. That’s Apple Watch for you.

  9. Still waiting on a circular watch that is truly circular instead of being flat on the bottom.

  10. Just got a gear 2 neo this weekend. Its way better than that cheap moto 360 crap with low-res screen and 3 year old processor. Tizen is much better than android wear at this point as well. Hopefully in a year they will actually put out a good android wear watch.

    1. Thanks for chiming in on the “cheap moto 360 crap”.
      Have fun with your Punky Brewster looking proprietary samsung crap.

      1. I will have fun with my awesome watch. Thanks. And thanks for taking time out of your whore life to reply to my comment.

        1. Wow, calling someone a whore because they dissed your tech choice. Classy.

        2. Hey, don’t mention it! I can spare 35 seconds out of my “whore” life to address some kid who felt the need to slam a superior product just to self justify his own purchase. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss your junk if it wasn’t proprietary and actually looked remotely like a watch.

          1. And how does someone who “works in IT” think that a 3 year old unsupported processor paired with a low resolution lcd screen is somehow a superior product? Because it looks like every other watch out there?

          2. Unsupported processor? Unsupported by what? Android wear runs just fine on it. You can’t see pixels on this screen without burying your face in it. Not, it doesn’t look like every other watch out there but it DOES look like a watch. The Galaxy watches look like something MegaMan would wear with their plastic bands.

            Please go find ANY poll that shows a majority of people preferring the look of the Gear 2 Neo to the 360. You can’t.

            I noticed that you have one up vote in this thread… From yourself lol.
            I would never have even talked down on the looks of any other watch until I read a loudmouth virgin like yourself slamming the watch that I wear.

    2. Troll. Tizen? LOL! Nice one.

      1. Whats wrong with tizen, iFag?

        1. The problem with Tizen is that YOU use it!

        2. I used to get 3-5 day battery life with my Gear 2 Neo. Only reason I stopped using it is because I switched to LG G3. It’s rather funny that some of the features the Neo has are coming to Android Wear later this year.

          Android Wear leaves a lot to be desired whereas Gear 2 Neo had a pretty solid list of features. People keep screaming about apps, but these are smartwatches not phones.

          Tizen isn’t bad at all.

  11. Was a huge fan of this watch as it was being developed. I loved that Motorola (Google) really leaped ahead of the pack by making a watch that actually looked like a watch. The problem (as it seems to be the case with Motorola products) is that they screwed up on a very key area… the battery. The watch needs to last a full day regardless of usage. If I have to worry about the watch being dead by 3PM because I used it for a few extra minutes today… it’s a show stopper. And quite honestly they should have known better.

    1. I know that this testimony won’t sway you – and reports are all over the place according to who tells it, but here is my honest experience:

      Walked into BestBuy yesterday evening and picked up the 360. Put it on the charger (in the car) while I watched some football and ate. Played with it a little in the evening before putting it on the charger and going to bed.

      7:00am – Finished getting ready for work. Put the watch on at 100%
      I have it pushing all of my notifications, have brightness set to 5 which is the highest (no auto).
      I work in IT so I was showing the watch and it’s functionality to many of my coworkers.
      Messed with several watch faces and apps.
      On my way home at 5:00pm I had it navigate to my house (10 minute drive) just to see what it was like.
      At about 6:00 my GF and I went for a 30 minute run and I ran Runkeeper the entire time.
      7:41pm – I am typing this now while wearing my watch and it is at 29%. That is almost 13 hours and it will obviously last me well past when I go to bed.

      I would consider today quite a bit heavier usage than I would normally have… mainly just from showing it so much at work. I don’t think the battery life is outstanding but it is MUCH better than what I was reading before I bought it.

      Hope this helps anyone who might be looking for real life examples of battery time. Oh yeah, also – I have Ambient Screen turned off and it has been paired with my phone 100% of the time today… don’t know if that matters or not.

      1. You may have changed my mind, I’m going to best buy today to take a look up close.

        1. I really don’t think you will be disappointed… The Android wear software is new and that is where the restriction is at… not the moto hardware.

          1. Would you recommend buying it over say a Galaxy Tab Pro as a second tab even if you already own a smart watch (Gear 1)?

          2. I really couldn’t advise you on that and be fair about it. I’m not a tablet person… the only tablet that I’ve owned – I gave it to my son because I never used it. The Moto 360 I will use everyday without question. So yes, from my point of view I would go with the 360 but only you can decide which will be of more value to you. Wish I could be more helpful :-/

          3. Well, I guess the watch since I don’t use my iPad daily. It’s only for web browsing, note taking, etc.

  12. If Moto comes out with a 2.0 version with more modern low power CPU, Ill go for it even for $100 more. They could dent Apple Watch thunder if able to release 360 v2.0 before Apple’s.

    1. Thats wishful thinking but I don’t see it happening (yet)

  13. Im an apple guy through and through but this watch blows away the Apple Watch. The looks are so much better. If it worked with iPhone id be all over this.

    1. Switch to an android phone ;)

  14. Had mine for a week now and if you fully discharge the battery and then charge it, you battery life will significantly increase. Getting now about 18 hours battery life.

    Ian B

  15. The watch needs to last a full day regardless of usage. If I have to worry about the watch being dead by 3PM because I used it for a few extra minutes today..

    1. From what I’ve been reading, as long as you turn off Ambient Screen you should make it through the day. Keep in mind this will mainly be a notification center, primary use of your phone is still the ideal for heavy tasks.

      On that note, I’m waiting for more info on the Asus and round LG variant before buying a metal 360.

  16. Does this include the metal band Moto 360?

    1. Nope. Those are reportedly going on sale November 11th.

  17. nowhere near the superiority of the apple watch

    1. You know what? You cannot argue the superiority of the 2012 iPhone 6, either, right?

    2. Go home, your drunk.

      1. i drank apple juice thats all

    3. Even the CEO of apple admits they are behind and not being the leader anymore.

      1. Yet they make superior 2012 technology in 2014 according to Andrew MG.

  18. Still says out of stock!!!!!!! Agghhrrrrr!

    1. I think the Moto idiots didn’t even start it yet. I’m not going to wait an hour for it.

      1. Their servers crashed. I rather overcommit resources than undercommit lol.

  19. has anyone succesfully gotten one? It still says out of stock.

  20. 11am Central has come and gone, maybe they meant MST? PST? Who knows.

  21. In more than one site said CT!

  22. And they’re up!

  23. Is up!!!!

  24. Free shipping is nice and all, but I would pay for overnight…

    1. It’s Moto. They clearly don’t have any economists working for them.

  25. It’s up. Mine is on order now.

  26. And their site has already crashed, glad I got “in before the lock”

  27. Ordered it. However, it’s too bad the Moto X for Verizon isn’t on sale yet, because it means I need to wait longer to actually use it.

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