Get $50 off the new Moto X if you have a .edu email address



Tomorrow is the big day for Moto X (2nd gen) pre-orders. The “Pure Edition” (unbranded and unlocked) and the AT&T model will be available for $499 to $99, depending on your contract situation. However, if you have a current or old .edu email address lying around you can get a sweet $50 discount.

Moto_X_Promoclick to enlarge

To get this deal you can head over to Motorola’s website and fill in your information. You will need to be able to access your .edu inbox in order to get the discount code. When the pre-order goes live tomorrow at 11AM Central you can put in your code and reap the rewards. If you’re still waiting for Verizon, or other carriers, just hold on to the code for a little but longer. Motorola did not mention when the devices will begin shipping.

Do any of you plan on pre-ordering the new Moto X tomorrow? What color/material options will you be choosing?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Got to wait n see what Google is putting out new this year but this will be a device worth getting for me!

    1. 5.92″ is a little big for me. The Moto X is just right. And, at $449, hell yes.

      1. Is it confirmed that the Nexus will be this big?

          1. THIS is why I’m willing to buy now, even with a Nexus looming. Planning on buying the Nexus tablet to replace my 2012 N7. However I have no issue making the ’14 Moto X my next phone. Too many ppl in the know have made reference to 5.9″, and it sounds like even IF there is a 5.2″, it may go higher spec for a slightly higher cost.

        1. That’s my issue I currently have the Nexus 5 which is a great phone and works just fine. Also the specs are on par with what is out there now. I wanted the original Moto X but it was 720P and the screen was too small. My only issue with this one is the AMOLED screen. They seem to have burn in problems (which I had on my Galaxy Nexus)

        2. No it’s not confirmed yet but still much better to wait around to see what it ends up being first, more than likely the moto x will go down in price by then even if you don’t want the nexus. I was going to pull the trigger on the Moto X until a few reviewers I trust actually put the device through real tests and aren’t biased towards certain manufactures like for example the Verge. I’ve head the screen is over-saturated, camera is very poor (especially in low-light) and battery is by far the worst in the category. I know the user experience is top-rate but that doesn’t allow for a device to be half ass when it comes to the specs

  2. It says my .edu has been used (and I know I used it once for Moto X sale last time). Can the same code be applied for Moto X 2014?

    1. If you look at the top of the page it says:

      “Please Note: Only one promotional discount will be applied per email address.”

      I am assuming since you already received one then you will not be able to get another one.

    2. Does your school allow aliases? If so, you can use that. That’s what I did.

      1. It’s actually an alumni account that I tied it to my yahoo. I used the edu email to sign up for the last generation of Moto X sale but never got to use it. I guess I am SOL.

        1. You could try the promo code and see if it works?

          1. I guess I could try it tomorrow when it goes on sale Live. However, the email did say that promotion code expires on 4/15/2014….. :(

          2. My last suggestion would be to test [email protected] and see if you get that email. If so, you can have unlimited email addresses, one for every site you sign up for.

            (You can do this with Gmail if you weren’t aware.)

  3. Will the “Pure Edition” work on T-Mobile? I can’t find any information on the bands for this device.

    1. Yes. Just like the previous Pure Edition / Developer Edition.

      1. Thanks! I was pretty sure it would work.

        The issue is should I wait for the next Nexus or get this device. Also my Nexus 5 works just fine and the specs are still on par with what is currently out there now.

        1. It’s all about your personal preference / obsession. I don’t need a new Moto X. I however WANT a new Moto X :P

          The Nexus 5 as you said still flies though. It’s a great phone.

          1. Yeah that’s my issue I want a Moto X. There is a slight problem I need to sell my Nexus 5 lol

      2. Thank you for confirming this, and thanks Derek & Phandroid for this heads up. I was already planning on buying 2 new Moto X tomorrow for myself & my wife at $499 & $549 (32GB for me). Now I hope this means $449 & $499 instead. If my wife also has an .edu address, do you know if I’ll need to do 2 transactions?

        1. That’s a good hubby. I can only guess, I believe you’ll have to do two transactions, applying the promo to each order.

          1. Ok, that’s what I’ll do. If I were really a good husband I wouldn’t have let it get this bad. She’s still using an HTC Rezound, while I have a Droid 2 Global. Can’t wait for this new X.

  4. I think this link is the new link to the Moto X 2014 (This will not load yet)

    The reason being is that this is the link to showoff the phone:

  5. If I move to Verizon and need a new phone, I’ll sell my S5 for this probably.

    1. Just to be clear, the phones available on Moto Maker tomorrow do not work on Verizon.

      1. Okay, thanks for the headsup. I wasn’t planning a switch to Verizon right now. I gotta give T-Mobile their last chance with the free signal booster on Wednesday before I say sayonara to them.

      2. What about Sprint?

  6. I’d get the code, but I have no use for it…

    1. I’ll take it :)

      1. How would you like me to give it to you?

        1. ill give u 10 bucks :D email me at [email protected]

          1. nvm got one lol, its online

          2. Shame I just noticed this now

  7. I would absolutely pre-order if I could get one for Verizon :( Guess we’re stuck waiting for vzw as usual

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