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Last week NVIDIA spilled the beans on the upcoming HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet. The leaked document stated the Nexus 9 will be released in the third quarter of 2014, which we are currently in. One of the exciting features of the Nexus 9 is the rumored Microsoft Surface-like keyboard case. We’ve heard rumblings of this accessory in the past, but now we can see it in the flesh.

It’s an interesting keyboard to say the least. At first glance it appears to be upside down. The area where a trackpad would normally be is above the keys. The reason for this is the tablet will fold out and cover that empty space. The benefit of a built-in kickstand, like the one on Microsoft Surface, is that space can be used for a trackpad. You can also notice some special keys for Android functions, such as a voice command button in place of Caps Lock. That way you can scream instead of SCREAM. One thing we can’t see in these photos is the charging mechanism.


Are you excited about the 9-inch Nexus 9 tablet? Will you buy this accessory to go along with it?

Thanks everyone!

[via Chinese VR-Zone]

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  1. No, I probably won’t buy the keyboard accessory if I decide to get the Nexus 9. I am however looking forward to seeing what this tablet looks like.

    1. It will be rectangular with rounded edges and an all glass front. No physical buttons, and i’m guessing some kind of grippy material on the back… Oh, and don’t forget the front and rear facing cameras.. Just my guess..

      1. and front facing BOOMSOUND speakers !

        1. Please give us BoomSound.

          1. BOOM ! This will be the first NEXUS i will buy. I missed the NEXUS ONE and i didnt want one that wasnt made by HTC.

  2. Probably pass on the keyboard

  3. That looks positively 1980’s IBM. Except for the smiley face buttons (why are there smiley face buttons? emoticons should be made MORE difficult to use – not more… damnit)

    1. The actual keyboard will definitely look more polished as this grainy photo cannot justify it.

  4. If 9″ QHD display, S805 and 3GB with stylus, I am down ;)

  5. I still love my Nexus 10, but this tablet looks to be a beast.

  6. Oh, and don’t forget the front and rear facing cameras.. Just my guess..

    1. Nice avatar. Wowser !

      1. This bot is really bizarre. It grabbed a random segment of a comment from Supa_Doopa_Ghost1 and posted it.

  7. looks ugly

  8. who really wants to reach over the keys to use the trackpad?

  9. I’m actually really impressed you can run a full version of Adobe suite on the Surface. Wonder if Android will ever make that possible.

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