Sep 5th, 2014

moto 360 backorder

The Moto 360 went on sale at 12PM EDT via Motorola’s site, and it would seem the Android Wear-powered smartwatch is already backordered through at least that outlet. Within minutes of going live, the the Moto 360 with grey leather band was showing a status of “Backorder.” Soon after the black leather variant joined it. Upon attempting to complete an order for the 360 we were given a backorder date of September 19th.


Can we expect limited supply to extend to Best Buy’s online and retail stores or the Google Play Store? The device should shortly be available via those channels, as well, but how long stock will last is unknown at this point. More as the story develops.

UPDATE: We’ve just received e-mail confirmation that confirmed orders are indeed not expected to ship until September 19th


UPDATE 3: Google Play Store seems to be sold out as well

Play Store out 360 black

Update 4: BestBuy seems to still have availability!

Update 5: BestBuy is now sold out… Subscribe, Like, Follow, and +1 Phandroid for updates on availability!

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