Moto 360 already backordered until September 19th


moto 360 backorder

The Moto 360 went on sale at 12PM EDT via Motorola’s site, and it would seem the Android Wear-powered smartwatch is already backordered through at least that outlet. Within minutes of going live, the the Moto 360 with grey leather band was showing a status of “Backorder.” Soon after the black leather variant joined it. Upon attempting to complete an order for the 360 we were given a backorder date of September 19th.


Can we expect limited supply to extend to Best Buy’s online and retail stores or the Google Play Store? The device should shortly be available via those channels, as well, but how long stock will last is unknown at this point. More as the story develops.

UPDATE: We’ve just received e-mail confirmation that confirmed orders are indeed not expected to ship until September 19th


UPDATE 3: Google Play Store seems to be sold out as well

Play Store out 360 black

Update 4: BestBuy seems to still have availability!

Update 5: BestBuy is now sold out… Subscribe, Like, Follow, and +1 Phandroid for updates on availability!

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  1. Well, it doesn’t look like the Play Store was ever in stock :/.

    1. *F5*

    2. Most certainly was in stock. Placed my order there. Sold out in minutes.

      1. what time did they start? i did the F5 thing right through the 12PM start time. Then tried again an hour later, no luck.

  2. I saw it in stock at Play store for about 6 seconds.

    1. I don’t see a moto 360 page at all?

        1. thanks, not sure how yall found it. I was on the android wear device page and had a search for ‘moto’ and neither ever brought up the product.

          1. It never showed up for me either. I got the link from someone else :/

          2. its showing up now… was able to order a grey one.

  3. I got mine at they are still available there.

    1. True

    2. Where? I can’t find it on the Best Buy site.

  4. I was in on the Motorola site exactly at 9:00AM and it was already backordered. Pretty bummed because I wanted to get it before I leave on vacation.

  5. The closest Best Buy in stock is 2 hours away. Argh. I’ll wait for impressions from others then. Nice job Motorola.

    1. Same here. Oddly, the nearest stores with stock are a small town and a smaller city. Not a hint of one in the larger city of the area.

    2. My logic… 60MPH, 20 to the gallon, 240 mile trip. 12 gallons? $40. Would I be willing to pay $40 more to get the watch now?

    3. nearest store claiming stock is hundreds of miles into the next state. lame.

  6. suckers….. NEVER do a first run of a tech product like this

    1. Unless you WANT to.

      1. For which you will pay heavily, likely wait, and have bugs and issues on the first run. Just saying.. been there.. done that.. now I sit and wait and watch while everyone else who wants to be the early adaptor and work the bugs out that invariably slip through on first run products.

        1. Good. Let them. Someone has to do it. Let the people who had the extra money in the first place be our testers. I’d be pissed since I could have used that money on more souvenirs at a convention or something. LoL!!

  7. Six months wait and they can’t handle volume on the first day.. SMH….

    This is an epic failure by moto… LG is ready to swoop in with a REAL plan

    1. upvote on that 1st part.

    2. How so? It’s not like you can truly expect how many people want your device. And also, the backorder isn’t that long of a wait. It’s just two weeks.

      1. pre-orders sure help solve the initial demand problem.

        1. Hmm… That is true. So I guess the first thing you should wonder if those who pre-ordered have their devices back ordered? I always assumed the devices that hit stores where the left overs after pre-orders and would always go out of stock. That’s my thought for anything.

          We can also blame them for shutting down their production factory in Texas. That one factory would have made just enough watches to survive. =.P

          But then I wonder, just how many people are on back-order? Is it around the 1000’s? 10,000’s? I’m just trying to learn not to jump to negative conclusions like OP. It’s hard becoming unbiased. LoL!!

    3. Forget LG, how about this Gear S?!
      Nevermind Apple’s watch next week.

  8. Got mine this morning at Currently in line picking up 2nd one at actual best buy :)!

  9. STUPID WORK!!!!! Guess I’ll take a trip to my BestBuy to see if they have any, their site shows no stores around DFW with them, I hope that’s wrong…. Hope those that were able to order enjoy!!! Can’t wait to have this beauty on my wrist!

  10. I just bought one on the Google Site and it says that it ships on the 12th… Bestbuy said that it was sold out… but Google site said in stock and shipping by the 12th.

    1. That’s crazy, I went to Google a few minutes ago and it said out of inventory, then I saw this and went it said shipping by the 12th, and when I clicked to add it to my cart, it said my cart was empty. Maybe a site issue and not inventory?

      1. no Google Play is always like that when items sell out. It’s gone.

  11. Best Buy sold out in a matter of 10 minutes. I went to do some work, came back to my desk and when going to complete my purchase, it switched to Sold Out Online…Oh well, guess I’m waiting a couple weeks. You’d think that they’d be a little prepared for massive amounts of orders, considering the long hype since the first unveiling back in March (prior to Google I/O).

  12. this is good news if they had a large supply available and a one plus one fail if the supply quantity is low. good to see the Moto 360 having success so early on tho.

  13. I kneew this would be a hot item… but not this hot…

  14. Well, good luck with that iWatch, Apple. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down.

    1. I’m almost positive apple has nothing to really worry about, their watch will sell like hot cakes too

      1. Even a rock with apple sticker on it would sell well, why not the watch?

        1. exactly… theres nothing in the way of the iWatch being successful because their on different platforms

          1. There’s still plenty of churn back and forth between the platforms, though. If the Android watches are significantly more attractive than the iWatches, we could see more people leaving the Apple camp. The opposite could happen if the iWatch is really a lot better than the Android watches, but that seems less likely given the variety and quality we’ve seen lately.

            If the iWatch doesn’t look as much like a fashion watch as the 360 and Zen, I think they could be in a little trouble.

          2. I don’t see everyone flocking to the iOS platform to use a watch that’ll most likely be on par with the Galaxy Gear 1

        2. Considering I’m seeing iTard articles already out there comparing the 360 to the iWatch already…..Apple can do no wrong, even on an unreleased product. This is why I have nothing but disdain for the Apple ecosystem. They are not held to any type of standard. They could squat out #2, bronze it, slap an Apple on it, and call it the iTurd and it would sell like mad.

    2. What good would an android wear watch do an hardcore iPhone user? Android fans are gonna swamp the good android watches and apple fans will swamp the iWatch. Both cater to different audiences and will both probably continue to do well.

      1. I think its important because so many non apple fanboys jumped on ipads because it was available. Having this helps to ensure that iwatch can’t get a first foothold on that market. Consider what the tablet market would have been like if samsung had some nice tablets out right before ipad.

      2. For now? Not at all. Give it less then 6 months and I’ll bet you will see a release of the Google Wear app on iPhone. See unlike Apple, Google generally tries to make their ware cross platform compatible. When was the last time you saw Apple release ANYTHING for Android?

  15. Nope, bestbuy sold out too haha

  16. Managed to get my order in on the Motorola site using the direct order page links that were flying around.

    My confirmation e-mail says it’ll deliver 9/9! Looks like I’m one of the first in the door.

  17. 95% of the people that buy this will use it a week and then toss it in a drawer

    1. You sir, win the SOUR GRAPES AWARD!!!! Congrats!!

    2. I’d use it but it needs to last 2 days on charge. Moto360 only lasts a day if that.

      1. Ever since I bought that USB charger thing that has 5 ports and plugs into a wall, I will have no problem charging up all my devices on my dresser at night.

        I think if you get that, you won’t be thinking the same way.

    3. That’s what happened with my fitbit, I used it religiously for a month, I don’t even know where its at now lol.

    4. Its such a waste of money in my opinion, all hype.

    5. maybe but then again weren’t those the same kind of comments floating around right before the first ipad was launched?

  18. I might buy this, but I have heard the battery life is not as good as it’s touted.

    1. I read that too in WSJ but hopefully that was prototype versions. If true, I’ll wait for next gen.

      1. Doubt it because they were busy touting the device and promising models to Google I/O attendees in June. Really, battery life is bad on first gen products anyways. I charge my phone nightly even though I have the S5, so I don’t mind charging the watch every night.

    2. HAI…My fellow Tmonewser :)

      1. Hey, it’s a good site for the latest news on T-Mobile, so I dabble in their articles from time to time. Great to see another TMONewer here as well. Phandroid does a good job covering news as well.

  19. What, they didn’t think they’d sell many of them to be sold out already? Or maybe a PR stunt to have only so much on day one then the rest from the 19th.

  20. ill get the next GEN.

  21. No effin availability in Canada. Screw you Motorola!

  22. I have not been paying attention. LoL!! It’s already on sale? Fudge!! Super Smash Bros. comes out next month and I have an Anime convention to go to. >,.,<

  23. With Android Wear getting ready to support GPS and navigation, and none of the current Android Wear watches (except Sony, maybe?) including a GPS, they’re all going to be obsolete in 6 months. I think there are going to be a lot of ticked-off smartwatch owners when they realize Google’s new update doesn’t do squat for them.

    1. with battery life already in question, I’m not sure I’d be in such a hurry to want GPS or cell radios on board. i’m fine with using bt to tagteam with my phone for location and data services.

      1. Battery life is just another reason I don’t think these are ready for prime time. But aside from that, are you sure these will display directions using the GPS in the phone (after Google’s update)?

        1. Before any update they showed it displaying navigation on the watch. I think the GPS functionally is to make them standalone for walking navigation and as a running/hiking aide like a Suunto.

  24. That’s ok, you can still get it on eBay. There…I made it rhyme

  25. Got email couple hours ago from Bestbuy, stating “Good news! The item(s) listed below were shipped on September 5, 2014, and will be arriving soon.” Wanted to get from Bestbuy incase I don’t like it, very easy to return. Here’s hoping it comes Monday.

    1. Looks like mine is coming on the 11th :/

  26. I’m really hoping this is a catch all date for anyone who ordered on moto’s site, where in reality it will ship sooner. Has ANYONE seen an earlier shipping date for the 360 when purchased on their site?

  27. I scored the last one in a Charlotte Best Buy….was racing three other guys to the Love it love it love it….super nice quality.

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