Aug 26th, 2014


T-Mobile has announced some new plan changes that is going to please folks who find themselves adding tablets to their lines often. The company will now give you “double the data” when adding a tablet. That doesn’t come without a caveat, of course: that extra data only applies for that tablet.

What does this mean? A smartphone plan with 5GB of data can add a tablet for $10 more per month, and that tablet will have the same amount of data available as the smartphone. You can’t mix and match data usage how you want though, so there’s no way to use 8GB on the smartphone and just 2GB on the tablet or vice versa. It’s a hard, set 5GB each.

That’s still not a bad deal considering most other tablet plans require adding data plans that are just as expensive as the smartphone. The offer won’t be available until September 3rd, though that shouldn’t be too long of a wait for those of you looking at add a tablet within the next week or so.

To top that off, T-Mobile has announced family plans that can now have up to 10 lines, with each line past the second one costing just $10 more per month. All the other same perks still apply, such as each line getting their own pool of data. This particular change goes live as soon as tomorrow so be sure to rope up more friends and family members if they’ve been looking to join a family plan.

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