Samsung asks us to “Note the Date” in latest Unpacked Invite; Note 4 all but confirmed


samsung note the date 2014

Earlier this week Samsung started inviting press to a Berlin event for September 3rd, though the company quickly asked those media sites to unpublish their posts for some unknown reason. Perhaps it’s because they wanted to put together something a bit more flavorful, as they’ve done just that with an official public announcement for a worldwide Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event going down on that very day.

This particular invite doesn’t go light on the hints. They’re teasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in every way imaginable, from the circular Air Command menu to the quirky (if not cheesy) “Note the Date” line with an artists’ pen to the right of it.

The invite confirms that the event will be simultaneously cast in Beijing, New York and Berlin, giving Samsung an avenue in all three of their most major markets. Of course, the news won’t take long to reach the rest of the corners of the globe as the internet should have all the details you’re looking for by the end of it all.

We aren’t yet sure what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 aside from the oft-rumored 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 display, but whatever it is we’re sure Samsung won’t want to disappoint as this is the smartphone line they usually go all in on. Be sure to circle September 3rd (and all the dates through September 10th, really) to stay informed on all the latest coming from Samsung, Sony and everyone else attending IFA this year, and stay tuned for live coverage from Phandroid once that day arrives.

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  1. August 3rd? Do you mean Sep.3rd?

    1. Yes, the invitation lists 9/3

    2. Yes, my apologies. Fixed!

    3. Can’t come fast enough. Went with my GF to buy an LG G3 and since I’m on JUMP! I’ve been able to upgrade for a while. Took all the willpower I had not to fall in love with that damned thing (or the M8 for that matter) and wait for this.

  2. Interested in this, the iPhone 6 and the next moto flagship.

  3. …Then Apple reveals their iPhone 6 announcement date. Coincidence? No. Samsung has always stolen their thunder with Apple’s announcements. I bet they’ll be dammned if they let them do it again.

  4. Oh boy I’m a buyer!

  5. I’m selling my Note 3. Not because I want a Note 4, but because I want it to still have value when I sell it.

    1. I sold mine for 450 last month

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