Aug 5th, 2014

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2014 is gearing up to the be year we finally see a big push into the software side of our automobiles. Google and Apple are both looking to go head-to-head with various implementations of their own, gathering bannermen in an effort to finally make our cars as smart as our mobile devices. While you’re busy choosing sides, here comes a new cross-platform device called Navdy that plays well with just about any smartphone.

Navdy looks to take that same basic principal of Google Glass (displaying information in front of you) but in a way you can still pick up chicks on the street without looking like a total douche. Because not very many people have the wallet (or the self-esteem) to wear something like Google Glass, Navdy is already looking much more appealing in the automotive space.

Navdy Screenshot projector

Think of it like a really advanced speaker phone, but one that runs on Android and has its own UI. Using a tiny projector, Navdy presents the driver with visual cues of incoming calls, SMS messages, and shoots them on its tiny, transparent display.

But that’s not all it can do. Each Navdy is outfitted with an infrared camera and microphone, allowing you interact with Navdy either by using very basic hand gestures, or by voice. Notifications are handled by Navdy’s Android or iOS apps, allowing you to customize what pops up on the HUD.

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Navdy hardware specs

  • 5.1″ wide transparent Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • High quality projector
  • IR camera for touchless gesture control
  • Accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0/LE
  • Audio out via Bluetooth or 3.5mm minijack, mini-USB port
  • Internal speaker and microphone with noise canceling DSP
  • Dual core processor running Android 4.4
  • OBD-II power and data connection to car computer, with optional 12 volt power adapter
  • Portable, bendable, non-marking, powered friction mount, with magnetic connection to the device
  • Dimensions (excluding mount): width: 130mm, depth: 140mm, height: 95mm (including display)

Of course, Navdy isn’t without some controversy. The ongoing debate on whether or not we need more distracted driving on our roads and even if Navdy is designed to be safer than looking down at your phone, there are those who feel it’s just as distracting as all those Glassholes making headlines a few months back. Like most things, we’ll let you decide for yourself.

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This seems like a really bad time to take a call from Mom

You can check out Navdy’s funny new promo video with Adam Lisagor — Silicon Valley startups’ favorite video director —  who you may remember as the “Coin” guy down below. If you like what you see, the Navdy isn’t cheap and is set to launch in “early 2015” at $500. But for the next 30 days, early adopters can pre-order one at a much discounted $300 (40% off). Any takers?


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