Samsung schedules unpacked event for September 3rd in Berlin — Note 4 in tow?



Just a few short days after learning Samsung might be planning to launch the Note 4 in Berlin next month, the company inadvertently and partially confirmed those rumors this morning. Samsung has started sending press invite to European press for an Unpacked event in Berlin on September 3rd, just two short days before one of Europe’s biggest technology conventions kicks off.

Samsung obviously didn’t divulge information about the event’s purposes, but history tells us to expect the next iteration of their flagship phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note line usually sees Samsung pulling out all of the stops and pushing smartphone innovation much more than even their Galaxy S lineup does.

We’re still not fully sure what to expect from this go-round, though odds are Samsung’s finally ready to unleash their own 2560 x 1440 display in a 5.7-inch form factorTdivu. It must have stung to see LG beat them to the punch with this resolution in the LG G3 considering Samsung is usually on the edge of the market when it comes to display innovation.

Recent hints from Samsung could also allude to the company trying out an infrared-based iris scanner in the phone, adding to the long list of biometric options that you can now use to enhance smartphone security. As for everything else, we expect Samsung’s latest home-grown Exynos, as well as a possible return to 3GB of RAM that we missed out on in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Rumors are useless until they’re confirmed, of course, so we’ll just have to circle our calendars and sit tight.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Samsung’s Headline:
    “The Note 4, packing everything the S5 should have had.”

  2. Touchwiz in tow too?

  3. The wait begins…. Will my Note 3 Stick around a little while longer or will it be getting passed down to a family member. Debating between the Note 4 and the LG G Flex 2

    1. Huh, Note 4 is obviously the winner here, why debating?

  4. I’m not excited… But I am at the same time

    1. I’m not interested in buying a phone as massive as the Note, but I am I interested to see what hardware Samsung will put in it.

  5. Lg g3 now or note 4. Later either one would be a first for me so its hard to choose

  6. The countdown begins to what will probably be the best phone of 14′. 2k screen, 3 GB of Ram, OIS camera (16mp?), IP67 certified, Enhanced S Pen functionality, and I’m sure Sammy will have some surprises. I passed on the S5, M8, and the G3 on my Jump upgrade for this beast.

    1. The apostrophe goes before 14. You are omitting the 20 in 2014.

      And yeah this phone is going to be sweet, I just can’t deal with the huge screens of the note series. The m8 is right on the edge for me.

  7. I want a new Note 10.1 with AMOLED. Will be the first to place a pre-order.

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