Aug 6th, 2014

moto 360 wireless charging cradle

While the first couple of early Android Wear smart watches have opted for charging solutions that require a pin-based cradle (which are often bulky and non-intuitive), the Moto 360 decided to bring wireless charging into the foray. We’ve known that since the watch was made official, but Motorola has been hesitant to show off anything in regards to how that will work. Thankfully we have our first taste of that in the latest set of leaked photos.

The stylish cradle — pictured above — seems to hold the smart watch up at an angle so that you can quickly check the time from a desk or nightstand while it’s not sitting comfortably on your wrist. The device will seemingly pop on and off of the cradle with ease, so charging it at night shouldn’t be nearly as cumbersome as some other units out there.

With that, the folks who were able to handle the watch early have given us some new details about its build and features. One big detail is that the watch is confirmed to be IP67 certified, so using it in rain shouldn’t be an issue. That also makes it resistant to dust and should be able to survive a light fall or two. We also learn that the smart watch boasts a very respectable 2.5 days of battery life (just over a day seems to be the norm for the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live), and that it has a built-in heart rate sensor for all you fitness and health buffs.

It sounds like the Moto 360 will set the bar in almost every way once it finally comes to market, though we’re still waiting for Motorola to bless us with details on pricing and availability. We imagine they’re simply waiting to be able to release it alongside the Moto X+1, a follow-up to their flagship smartphone from yesteryear. Should their “late summer” estimations hold up then we should be hearing a lot more toward the end of this month or early September. Hold onto your hats, folks.

[via MisterGadget]

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