May 20th, 2014

galaxy note 4 display size

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is no longer the new kid on the block, so it’s not surprising to start hearing rumors of its successors. We all believe it’s coming, but we have no idea what Samsung will look to bring. GSMArena claims to have accurate info on the display.

According to a leak of theirs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be coming with a 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 display. If you haven’t been paying attention this is the same resolution that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is rumored to be shipped with. It’s not surprising that Samsung would look to introduce the high-res display on a line of smartphones they typically push the bar with.

Perhaps more interesting is that Samsung decided not to increase screen size this time. The Samsung Galaxy Note has grown by .2 inches with each release, so perhaps it says something about Samsung believing that bigger is not always better.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was a sensible upgrade, because while the display size increased — from 5.5 inches on the Note 2 to 5.7 inches on the Note 3 — the overall size of the phone was about the same. 5.7 inches could be seen as their new sweet spot going forward.

Unfortunately there’s nothing else to take away from this one, but we’re sure more details will come running along in due time. For now, we’re just waiting for Samsung to announce the upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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