OUYA testing $60 all-you-can-eat game pass, MOJO gaming console gets OUYA



Are you a fan of OUYA? A couple of interesting developments have taken place within the past day or so. For starters, OUYA started trialing an all-you-can-eat plan that gave you access to any title you want from OUYA’s library of 800 games. The cost of admission is $60 per year, a pretty good value if you don’t mind dropping coin to play any game you want.

OUYA wasn’t terribly clear about the terms of the program to start. We’re not sure what’s going to happen if you let your subscription expire — we imagine they’d cut off access to the freebies, but we can’t be too sure. We’ve reached out for comment and we’ll update should we hear more.

OUYA only let a handful of people into the trial. Heading to their signup site will now simply urge you to submit an email address to hear more details in the future. Bummer, that, but we imagine not many people would be willing to sign up for a program that may or may not work out anyway.

In related news, Mad Catz’ MOJO gaming console has received a nice update that loads up OUYA’s gaming service, giving you easy and quick access to OUYA’s library if you’re interested. Mad Catz says hundreds of OUYA’s games already work with their controller so it should be a pretty seamless experience. Other improvements include support for 4K resolution and Google Play Store access included by default (something you had to previously be rooted to get). You can head right here for the new firmware upgrade.

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  1. Uhhhhh…..no.

  2. So you are telling me there are people out there that play their Ouya enough to justify dropping $60 for a years worth of pixel platformers?

    1. Considering a single Playstation or Xbox game costs $60, this is an excellent deal for people who use their Ouya regularly, although I couldn’t begin to guess how many people actually fall into that category.

  3. As a whole has the OUYA been considered a success thus far ?

    1. It depends on what you consider a success to be. Most news sites and gamers like to hate on it, but Ouya did eventually get all their backers their units, they seem to still be making money, and they have a pretty good online community of gamers. Personally, I love my Ouya. I bought it mostly for emulators, but I really spend most of my time playing actual Ouya games. My family plays it more than our 360, PS3, and Wii combined. IMO, Ouya’s biggest weakness is it’s reputation.

  4. I’m hoping i can flash mine with AndroidTV when its released.

  5. Ouya is still a thing? LOL!

  6. The problem is that OUYA didn’t let developers know this (I read this on Neogaf) and they’re not happy about it. A few have pulled their games from the OUYA library because of it.

  7. An OUYA 2 with Tegra K1 would be great if they decide to make one.

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