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If This Then That — otherwise affectionately known as IFTTT — is a wonderful service that can help automate tasks for tons of different web services. We highlighted many great uses of IFTTT in a previous article when Android support was first announced.

Things are about get even better today if you own a Nest Home Thermostat or CO2 + Smoke Detector. IFTTT has added a Nest channel to their service and it already includes many great recipes to use with the smart home products.

Popular recipes include setting your Philips Hue smart light bulbs to off whenever you let nest know you’ve left your home, turning your fan on for 15 minutes at sunrise, getting an email notification whenever your Nest battery is low, or text a neighbor whenever your smoke alarm detects an emergency.

You can create your own recipe if any of the current ones don’t fit your needs. Many of this stuff is already possible with Nest’s built-in app, but if you want to connect to other services and use other conditions to automate any of it IFTTT gives you everything you need. All of this coupled with the Nest developers’ program makes the future of smart home very exciting. Makes me wish I had one of my own.

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