Yahoo Aviate Launcher no longer in beta, now available for free with a few new features


Yahoo Aviate

It wasn’t too long ago the folks at Yahoo! acquired Thumbs Up Labs, makers of Aviate, an intelligent launcher for Android devices. Unlike your traditional, static homescreen, Aviate learns your app habits, intelligently organizing your favorite apps and contacts for you right on your homescreen with no fuss.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher featured

While initially only available in a closed, invite-only beta, it seems the folks at Yahoo are now finally comfortable with making Aviate available to all via Google Play. Aviate has even learned a few new tricks in the process. Aviate will alert you if the current weather is significantly different from the previous day, connect to conference calls without having to enter in the meeting code, email colleagues if you’re running late for a meeting, and estimate your commute time for you when you’re heading to work. Aviate also has a new favorite contacts menu accessible by swiping up from the launcher. There you’ll find your most frequently contacted friends

Yahoo says this is only the beginning for Aviate, with them only scratching the surface of all the things an “intelligent” home screen can add to your life. While we can’t guarantee Android power users will take to the new launcher, I can definitely seeing this being useful for my parents who never get around to adding more than a few shortcuts to their homescreen. Check out the new video trailer below, and let us know how you’re liking it.

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  1. Does it still collect information???

    1. Google now collects info. Just pointing that out since it’s built into a lot of phones.

      1. Google has always collected information regardless.

        1. I trust Google not to leave gaping holes in their security

  2. How does this Yahoo-fied version compare to the previous beta?

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