Jun 23rd, 2014

Nest CEO Tony Fadell Google Larry Page VP Engineering Matt Rogers

When Google bought Nest for $3.2 billion, they didn’t just acquire some fancy new thermostat, they got their hands on something far greater: the brilliant mind behind the world’s most advanced thermostat, CEO and co-founder Tony Fadell. It’s Fadell who many accredit with being the “father of the iPod” and arguably, one of the most well designed pieces of consumer technology of our modern era. It’s this reason why, back in January, it was believed that Google wanted Nest and its team of ex-Apple engineers to come play ball for them.

Unsurprisingly, sources from The Information are now confirming that Google has (still unofficially) made Tony Fadell the new head of Google’s consumer hardware business. A relatively small portfolio at present (Chromecast, Chrombook Pixel, Google Glass), Android head Sundar Pichai has apparently “dismantled” the Android team’s current hardware initiatives to help facilitate Fadell’s creative freedom. While that may not sound like much, there’s no telling what Google had plans for down the pipeline.

Exactly where this will take Google (and Android) is anyone’s guess. A Nexus Q revival? Android game console? We can’t ignore Nests’ recent Dropcam purchase. With Android Silver around the corner, we’re not expecting much in terms of smartphones or tablets, but given Fadell’s track record, it seems we could be in good hands.

Update: It seems this “report” may have been completely off base. Tony Fadell took to his Twitter account earlier today, denying the claims made by The Information. You can see for yourself below.