Jun 23rd, 2014

Moto 360_Map

Generally when devices pass through the FCC they don’t reveal much. Sure we can occasionally get a few dimensions and/or radio bands, but they typically reveal little else. When it comes to an upcoming wireless charger made by Motorola — which made a pit stop by the FCC — the Commission may have revealed a hardware feature Motorola was hoping to keep secret for the Moto 360: Qi wireless charging.

Motorola SPN5845A Wireless Charger

According to the paperwork uncovered by Liliputing, the Motorola SPN5845A Wireless Charger is designed for use on the Motorola Moto 360, and supports the Wireless Power Consortium protocol (Qi). It’s unclear whether or not any Qi-enabled wireless charger will work with the smartwatch, or if Motorola has designed a charger/dock especially for the 360. Also, we’re hoping a more traditional USB method is also present for those times when a wireless charging pad aren’t accessible.

Update: It appears that this latest finding, while new to us, may have been revealed in an earlier statement from Motorola Program Manager Philip Worth whom allegedly told TechRadar the Moto 360 would come with wireless induction charging. This latest FCC finding now confirms that earlier statement.

We expect to learn more about Motorola’s Moto 360 sometime this week, if not at Google I/O with a formal introduction to Android Wear, than perhaps at a separate event/press release. We’ll keep you posted.

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