Report: Google developing Android game console, Nexus Q sequel, and smartwatch



The folks at The Wall Street Journal are reporting from their own sources close to the matter that Google is planning to release an Android-based game console in the near future. They didn’t have much more information to give us other than a Nexus Q sequel is also in the works, a rumor that’s been floating around for a few weeks now after a media device made its way past the FCC.

But Google’s not stopping there. In an effort to get the jump on Apple and rumors that they’ll be releasing an iPod-like smartwatch later this year, Google will be releasing one of their own. Again, this makes a while lot of sense given the new OS they’ve built for Google Glass which could easily find itself shoehorned into a wrist wearable package.

Could the Android game console and the Nexus Q II  be one and the same? It certainly makes a lot of sense. Keep in mind that reportedly, Google wont be leveraging their Motorola unit to build all these new devices, with Google X Labs taking the helm.

No solid word on release timing, although it’s said at least one of these devices will hit the market this fall. Right on schedule for Key Lime Pie and a new Nexus device. As far as the next version of Android — rumored to be titled Key Lime Pie — sources said that it will be much more light, and tailored to low-cost budget handsets for developing countries. Something that should help that fragmentation we’ve been seeing in Gingerbread.

What’s more is Hewlett Packard is rumored to be manufacturing a new line of Android-powered laptops, taking advantage of this next version of Android and making the move into Microsoft’s Windows dominated territory. With Key Lime Pie (name not confirmed), Google will allow manufacturers like Samsung to use the OS in other devices besides typical smartphones and tablets. Don’t be surprised if you find a Samsung Galaxy Fridge at your local appliance store in the future.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. the q and the console need to be the same thing, sprinkled in with a little gtv too.

    1. This! That would be the perfect combo.

    2. Nexus Q + Google TV + Android gaming console = My wallet

      1. give me a camera and a dedicated hangout for gtv or Skype compatible app and I’m sold. call me sold if its under $200.

        1. Mhmm, I don’t there will be a camera on this, especially since it’s more of a multi media device… But who knows… This is only a rumor.
          Plus, I definitely don’t want a camera/mic on it

          1. I was thinking more on the lines of a separate but packed in usb attachment. Or the ability to use your phone as a webcam.

          2. Oh I see… Yeah I wouldn’t mind that.

      2. agreed…. don’t care about the gaming device. Q + GTV = wallet. Anything else is gravy.

      3. Add Google Fiber. Am getting it this Fall in KC. [/snicker]

    3. Come on, they have to save something awesome for later lol

  2. “In an effort to get the jump on Apple”

    There is that all too repeated phrase again. Why is it that everyone thinks that every company is out to “get the jump on Apple”? As if all every other companies do is look at what Apple is planning to produce and then rush an imitation of said product to the market. Apple’s smartwatch is nothing but speculation at this point and Google has patent applications for a watch device dating all the way to 2011.

    Other companies innovate too, not just Apple.

    1. Not to mention Motorola and Sony have already sold Android based smart watches… But somehow everyone is just copying Apple.

    2. Well Apple’s products tend to sell and sell well. And it is just proven fact that once Apple enters a new product space it dominates and makes it hard for other manufacturers to play catch-up. The idea is to get a product out before and also make Apple look like a copy-cat. Most of thee time this does not matter as Apple has loyal followers and an insane marketing scheme. So I understand where Chris was going with this.

      1. “it dominates” for a while.
        until ANDROID comes and seize the day!

  3. If the Nexus Q does not have Google TV, then Google really should just mothball it.

    The fact that ChromeOS gets more love than GoogleTV boggles my mind.

    1. Chromebooks have this nice habit of selling really well

      1. “Really well”. I think you are straining the meaning of both of those words.

        1. Let’s go see what the best selling laptop on Amazon is…. hrm:

          Oh look, it’s the Saumsung Chromebook.

          1. Huh. I confess, that is a surprise to me. However, it’s misleading and you know it.

            A simple Google search of “Chromebook sales figures” consistently yields descriptions ranging from “struggling” to “not that bad”.

            This consensus and a market share that’s acquired less than 1/2 of 1 percent in four years, isn’t exactly in line with things going “really well”. If/when this percentage grows, it’s still unremarkable in my opinion. It’s still a growing share in a shrinking market.

            All that aside, my original gripe was that, IMO, Google is over prioritizing ChromeOS over what is a far more interesting and expandable market (i.e. Android in the living room.)

            Of course that’s just, like, my opinion man.

          2. I don’t know of any credible reports of their actual shipment numbers, they haven’t released them and I haven’t seen any of the major credible analyses firms do a report on it, though they may have. Hard to judge what they consider success, Google often puts out products not because they want sales but because they want to shape the market (Chromebook Pixel, Nexus One, etc).

            Google is clearly still betting that the long term most ideal platform for them is the open web powered by HTML5, this year’s IO made that crystal clear.

  4. Android powered laptop? The whole draw of android is that it’s powerful….AS A MOBILE OS. If I were to be buying a full sized laptop, I’d want it to be powerful enough to run windows or Ubuntu. Android does well where it currently is; mobile devices, watches, glass, etc.

  5. let’s hope this is true because it’s exactly what Google should be doing

  6. The Power Rangers had smartwatches before all those companies. So technically they’re all copying Zordon :P

  7. Well the OUYA is definitely screwed now!

    1. I wonder if Google waited to see how Ouya did when released. Selling out Amazon may sway them into the market.

  8. I loved the design of the Nexus Q. Not so much the price or the features. Should have always been a Google TV device with NFC

  9. DONT BUY THE NEXUS Q if it won’t get the software update think its a wast of money if u ask me

    1. And you base this on what?

  10. if Google comes out with a dedicated game console, now that will be a game changer!

  11. I image the game console will be ARM-based but given Intel is about to take over the tablet market and is killing the Android benchmarks, hopefully it will be Intel with a killer GPU. They can prioritize performance over power consumption since it will be line powered.

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