Google could be looking to Nest to build exciting new products outside of smart thermostats


nest thermostat

When Google first purchased Motorola to the tune of $12 billion back in 2011, some analysts predicted Google was in it only for the patents and to some extent, they were. But other than simply bolstering their patent portfolio to help defend Android her hardware partners, some saw it as an undercover move by Google to get into the hardware business.

But now that Google is ready to call it quits with Motorola, who will the search giant turn to for building new hardware? The answer could lay in Nest. According to sources from TechCrunch, Google has big plans for Nest — whom they recently purchased for $3.2 billion —  outside of building smart thermostats and smoke detectors. Does this mean we could see a Nest built smartphone or tablet in the future? Not so fast…

It’s being said Google didn’t buy Nest solely for their popular thermostat, but to get a hold of their amazing product team. Have you guys ever seen a Nest up close? It really is a thing of beauty. Tony Fadell, Nest’s CEO, originally worked with Apple on both the iPod and iPhone, and when he left to found Nest, he managed to bring many ex-Apple engineers along with him.

With Fadell more than capable of building shiny new gadgets for Google, it’s possible we’ll soon see Google Glass and the Chromecast joined by other innovative new products. Nest-built Android game console, anyone?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I don’t know why everyone automatically thinks “Android” console. I mean, Microsoft didn’t do a “Windows” console when it came out with the One. I think we should look more at a Google console that doesn’t necessarily run on Android.

    As for utilizing the Nest design team, I think you might be on to something here Chris. The Nest is beautiful and simple. I would like to see what they could come up with.

    1. I will guarantee that if they launch a console it will run some form of android. Why would it run any other OS? Plus, adaptability is what Android is number one at. That is why it’s in everything from cars to phones to ovens to glasses. The chromecast and Google TV are both android.

      1. The console wouldn’t have to be Android OS in order to be adaptable. I’m not even saying that it wouldn’t be based on Android.

        All of the devices you mention, I. E. cars, phones, ovens, glasses, etc. are all devices that are limited in size and capabilities. If you are going to be competitive in the console market, you are going to need one with excellent specs. I’m just wondering if a mobile based OS is the best option when you have that level of computing power.

        Don’t shoot me here. Just trying to think out of the box. :-)

      2. if its one thing that motorola should have taught us, is that google has 0 interest in getting into the hardware game. They would never make a console. They may expand google tv and let others build out the hardware and maybe even make gaming part of that, but a game centric console that competes with sony and xbox is definitely not on their radar. and frankly theyd be stupid to try to compete.

        1. I agree. Sony and Microsoft have had extensive experience refining their consoles. I just don’t see a new kid on the block any time soon.

      3. I agree, if a console were to come out it would only make sense to keep the same SDK and have the game library that already exists with Android. Otherwise getting everyone to develop for a new platform would be much more challenging.

        Personally I would rather see a really good google tv or smart home implementation before a console but I’m also not the biggest gamer.

  2. so Google bought Nest for approximately 3 Billion, then sold Motorola for approximately 3 Billion, its almost as if Google chose to drop mobile manufacturing to focus on home goods….

  3. If Google does release an Android console, I really hope it’s more than that. It needs to be a console mixed with Google TV features, voice controls, Google Now, and a web cam for Hangouts. It also needs Chromecast built in so others can easily share their content through it without having to sign into the console itself.

  4. I personally really like this deal. Google decided to get away from a very competitive smartphone market and focus on a blooming home automation industry.

    If Google does it right then the next becomes the name you associate with Google in your home. This could include everything from game consoles to smart locks to even home security.

    On top of that, the company is still a fresh enough brand that it can be grown without opinions built up over the thirty years Motorola made mobile phones.

    1. So “Google Now” on your phone and “Google Next” in your home. I can see it.

  5. This article spends a lot of time, effectively saying nothing. no offense to you it’s more a rip on tech crunch. This just in! Google spent billions, and they’re going to use the thing they spent it on to… do other things!

  6. I own the Nest thermostat and protect and I absolutely love them (specially the thermostat, hey I can change my condos temperature from my bed, from work and even from another country)… I also love Google so I’m very happy with this outcome. There are many other products that I would like Nest to release, like a smart front door lock and bell, for example, would be great to be able to open my front door using my smartphone, having it a camera I could also see who’s there before doing so… I also want a smart coffee maker so I can start brewing my coffee from bed, smart light switches, smart vacuum robot (I love my roomba but I still can’t control/monitor it from my smartphone) and so many other things in the house. In fact pretty much any appliance and even any electronic item in the house could benefit from becoming smart, connecting to the wifi and being able to be remotely controlled by a smartphone. I just can’t wait for what Nest is gonna do next now that’s backed up by Google. Bring it boys, I’m ready!

    1. We share the exact same sentiments about our impending smart future. It can’t get here soon enough!

  7. The thermostat got a not so hot review on Amazon from an HVAC install guy. Design, software, use with heat pumps. I bought a Carrier instead. Nest may need some work.

    1. Hmm not sure I’d trust a HVAC install guy about tech products.

      1. Right, he only installs these things for a living, how could he know…

  8. Getting ads on my thermostat, my dream.

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