Phandroid Recap: Moto E, X+1, OnePlus winners, and more! [May 11-17]



Another week is in the books, and what a busy week it was. As a nice change of pace, Motorola was the company to dominate the news this week. They released one device and had another one leak. A bunch of other great stuff happened in the last seven days as well. If you don’t have your eyes glued to every second (which you should) you may have missed some of it. We’ve got you covered. These are  the top five stories from last week.

1. Additional Moto X+1 details tipped on Motorola’s site – carriers, storage options, and more

Motorola Moto X+1 page

May 12th – In case you were looking for more details on the upcoming Moto X+1, a few more have been discovered (again) on Motorola’s site. This time we discovered that Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint will all have versions. It’s also looking like the Motomaker customization will be locked to a carrier again. Hopefully that’s not the case, as it’s one of the coolest things about the device. Read more.

2. Motorola Moto E officially announced and now available for $130

moto e 3

May 13th – Motorola is continuing to fill in the entry-level smartphone sector with some pretty impressive devices. The latest is the Moto E, which was announced in Europe earlier this week. Some of the specs include a 4.3-inch display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 4MP camera, and a 1980 mAh battery. Not a bad little device for only $130.

3. Unlucky OnePlus One winner finds empty box on his doorstep [VIDEO]

OnePlus One unboxing

May 14th – First, reports of OnePlus One “Smash the Past” winners receiving only the smartphone minus extras like packaging, SIM tools, chargers, or cables surfaced. Now we know they were the lucky ones. One winner of the contest received a empty box. No phone included. OnePlus released a statement to pass the blame on to the shipping companies, but it all seems very strange. #NeverSettle #NeverRecievePhone

4. Phan Favs: What is the best music app? [VOTE]

favs music

May 15th – We’re back with another edition of Phan Favs! This time we want to know which music apps you use. There are tos of ways you can listen to music, and even more apps for doing it. Whether it’s playing local media, streaming from the cloud, or using a subscription service, you need an app to get the job done. Be sure to vote for you pick, and next week we will have the results!

5. 10 Most Addictive Android Games for Killing Time [VIDEO]

May 15th – The most simple games can be the best for killing time. You pick it up to play for a few minutes, but then it traps you inside for hours. These addictive games are the ones we’re talking about in this list. We round-up our favorite 10 addictive games, along with a few of the classics. If you want to have a productive day stay away from this article. If you’re looking for some fun click-through.

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  1. the official weight of the box was the weight of phone being in the box so it was indeed stolen. the contest winners were told ahead of time the condition in which their phones would be shipped. the winners of the contest will be able to turn their phones in to receive the 64 GB version for free.

  2. Fives is the better looking cousin of threes

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