Unlucky OnePlus One winner finds empty box on his doorstep [VIDEO]


OnePlus One unboxing

Yesterday, we told you guys how the folks at OnePlus were shipping “Smash the Past” winners the One phone-only. No SIM tools. No chargers. No cables. Turns out, it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. It was merely an effort by OnePlus to ensure the phone got to winners without delay, given the shipping materials and accessories wouldn’t have been ready on time. No biggie.

But today, an unlucky OnePlus One winner got a little less than he was expecting, finding only an empty box on his doorstep instead of the OnePlus One he expecting. The “winner” posted the unboxing video onto YouTube where all the shipping tape still remained on the box and to be fair, there was a note congratulating him on his new OnePlus. While it’s entirely possible the phone could have been swiped during transit (it happens), we think it was more likely to have been a hiccup by the folks at OnePlus.

As a new startup, OnePlus warned us they’d likely make a few mistakes on the way and we have little doubt they’ll be working to fix this situation. What do you guys think of this snafu? Understandable? Or unacceptable? Video below.


We now have a statement from OnePlus who assures us, not only was the missing phone no fault of their own, but that they’re already working to make things right for the customer and avoid future mix ups in the future.

“Regarding the user who received an empty box, we immediately arranged to send him a new device. Each package is inspected before being shipped and the device in question has been lost in transit. Our policy is to first make things right for the customer, and we are now working with our courier partner to find out exactly what happened and find ways to avoid this is in the future.”

Thanks, DatGuy!

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  1. Sim tools?
    You mean paperclips right? Who does not already have a charger? I would love to buy phones bare.

    1. Samsung doesn’t really like chargers other than Samsung chargers. It doesn’t like my HTC charger.

      Who’s to say the same thing won’t apply with this phone? This is why I would want a charger to come with my phone. My HTC One M8 doesn’t like other chargers. I had to root and change the kernel to have the phone charge adequately on other chargers.

      And it’s not the amp rate being off. I make sure that. It just doesn’t like it. I’ve started noticing this a lot with newer devices.


      2. Really? My Galaxy S4 has worked with any MicroUSB charger I’ve plugged into it (5-6 different ones)

        1. Bah!! Hand over those chargers. I get so unlucky, I guess. I usually just stick with this HTC charger I bought before. I have the charger saved in my eBay cart and it just renews. LoL!!

          I think USB cables just hate me. I don’t know why I get those issues. I just the proper wall adapter, but the cable is different.

          I must be one of those guys that have the odd issues and then complain and make it seem like everything is bad. =.[

        2. but does it charge at the full 1.5A?
          my note 2 charges at 1,6A with everything official but can’t do more than 0,8 with generic cables.

          1. No clue, I’ve never checked. I didn’t just mean generic cables, though….my Nexus 7 charger and my wife’s phone charger both work to charge it as well.

      3. Since when?
        I have charged S3s, S4s, S5s, and Galaxy Nexus from non-samsung chargers.
        Your charger was just dying.

        I have charged M8s from other chargers, samsung ones in particular.

        It is just USB.

        1. I’ll keep that in mind. I never heard of a cable dying. I do have random USB chargers.

          And it’s not just Samsung devices, I’ve seen this across devices. I used the USB cable from the Chromecast on my Nexus 7 (2013) and my Nexus 7 charged slowly, even though the wall adapter was the original Nexus 7 one.

          I doubt the cable was dying in that case. That’s why I prefer the charger that came with the device. I don’t have to worry about odd issues like that.

          However, it could be my kernel since I do change that. Hmm…

          1. Micro USB cables are actually really sensitive.
            If you look at the end of a new one you will see two little retaining clips. Those line up the cable and the port. They break off. This is intentional, to protect the port. Also lots of OEMs abuse the spec. HTC has the funny shaped version that accepts normal cables, but does so very poorly and at great risk to the charging port. That is a bad design. The Nexus 5 one is very good since it supports the connector on the case of the phone and not on the connector inside the phone. The 2012 Nexus 7 has a really bad one. It is very easy to damage the port on the tablet by dropping it while charging since the connector is not properly held by the case and instead just holds onto the pins in the port.

            The ChromeCast cable is likely quite a bit thinner wire, meaning more resistance and more heat instead of faster charging. It might even lack the data pins used to negotiate faster charging.

      4. My S2 charges just fine on several other chargers and cables and my wife’s S4 charges just fine on everything from no name cables, LG, Motorola, and Asus. The only issue she ever has is, if the amperage is too low, it will switch to slow charge, so she uses her Samsung puck. However it worked perfectly with an LG puck, a Motorola puck, and an Asus puck. I agree with h4rr4r, sounds like your charger was dying.

        1. LoL!! That’s what I was talking about. I guess I wasn’t clear. Sorry.

          I actually meant the charging was slow. It didn’t charge fast. I’d see notifications saying something related to having to use the original charger, charging slowed because it’s not the original cable, and things like that.

          But then again, I’ve seen this across devices that came out within the past 2 years. That’s why I prefer the charger that comes with the box. It’s so hard to buy generic USB devices.

          I have this USB cable that works with my HTC One M8, but doesn’t work with my Nexus 7 (2013). Why? IDK, it just doesn’t. My Nexus 7 chargers slow with that cable. Not the wall adapter, the cable. Weirdest thing ever. LoL!!

          1. That is really strange, honestly have never seen that.

          2. Hmm… It’s most likely a user error then. I lost track commenting back to everyone. LoL!! But I stated that I do change kernels, so that could have something to do with it.

        2. I’ve never heard of a charger referred to as a “puck”.

      5. My GNex works fine with my HTC Desire charger. Someone stole my Samsung charger from work, grr.

        1. Someone came in to the IT Department looking for the iPhone charger they left in a classroom. Yea… it’s been taken. She’s upset because it’s $40 for the OG cable and other cables usually break or don’t work.

          I laughed very hard on the inside that she’s stuck having to get cables like that. I have these cables that I buy, the OG HTC cables. I just buy those when I lose my cables.

          1. You can get a perfectly good belkin one for under $10.

      6. Really? I’ve been using a BlackBerry charger on my S4 for like 4mo’s now, it charges at a good rate by the way.

      7. I’ve also had issues with phones not accepting non OEM chargers. Especially Samsung. While my charger will work great on some devices, it won’t on others. This was really a problem when I used to sync the phone with my computer via cable…(that was a few years ago, however)

  2. Unacceptable. Issues are fine, but no phone? How can you even make that mistake? Some “no delay”.

    The charger things are kinda fine. Except you’re assuming people have the proper charger. What if you’re coming from an iPhone? Hmm…

    Well, new companies always have hiccups, so this’ll be easily forgiven. Hope they can get things to rum smoothly next time.

    1. The you go buy a micro usb cable, super cheap.

    2. rum smoothly. I want to do that. : D

      1. That’s probably why he doesn’t have a phone

  3. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, it’s worse… : D I’m seriously cracking up here. These guys are like: Whrghrghrghr NEVER SETTLE! rghrgrhhgr WE DO EVERYTHING RIGHT! arghgrgahgr YOU’RE ONLY GETTING A PHONE! aaaarghggahrghhr Lol, not even that! : P

  4. NonePlus None

    1. OneMinus One

    2. OnePlus Zero.


      OnePlus One = 0.

      Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

      1. Half Life 3 confirmed

    3. People said its the prototype to the OnePlus Air.

  5. Don’t forget Youtube has CC that you can view in English :)

    1. One plus one is shipping him a brand new phone and getting custom made tape to prevent future issues

      thread here:https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/im-a-winner-and-heres-the-package.11819/page-5

  6. I’m sure this happens to big companies from time to time…you know shipping millions of devices, things like this are bound to happen. The sad thing is, for OnePlus this happened to 1 out of 100. Ouch. Those odds are bad. And to make it worse, this guy is probably without a phone for an even more extended period of time since he most likely smashed his other phone (unless he had a spare and smashed that).

  7. Speaka any engrish?

  8. For someone doing a live unboxing and there is NOTHING in the box this guy is too calm about the situation.

    1. I’m sure when he first picked it up, he noticed there was nothing inside. I mean, a phone can’t be THAT light.

  9. Not a good first impression. I’m sure they will overnight him a phone.

  10. BS, the reviewer is lying. He is way to calm and more importantly his username matches that of a troll on the OPO forums who would joke and keep saying watch the box be empty. Way too much of a coincidence. Not to mention, he could be doing it to get away with getting two phones. In the unlikely chance it was empty OP will fix it. If I had to bet, the shipping company took it since the tape inside and he is in Italy where most ebay stuff wont ship due to stealings

    1. Hey guys! I’m the one in the video, I can answer ANY question you want and I can assure everything is real…unfortunately T_T

      1. ……Awkward moment for master94.

        1. Yeah because Zampa’s comment is absolute proof.

          Awkward moment for QueenLuLu.

          1. I’m fine. Really :-)

      2. Where’s your fake video??? Your a loser to fake videos, shows your a true scumbag!!!

        1. The reason why he lost his is phone is because an employee from DHL, you know the international shipping company, yeah, an employee stole it. If you don’t believe me? Google some reviews for DHL from regular people. He also took down his video because the video eventually generated some negative feedback on Oneplus’s side. And if you actually think about it, how can a start up company possibly misplace 100 phones? There are ONLY 100 of them that they sent out, compared to thousands that they have to manufacture and ship at the end of this month and june. So SCUMBAG, how are you going to counter this argument. And as for other people bashing OP when you don’t know the entire background to this story, think logically before you say something incredibly stupid.

      3. Your a loser who has to fake videos because you have no real friends!! That’s what lying gets you!! Plus it shows your true colors!! #SCUMBAG. WHERE’S YOUR VIDEO???

        1. Anger management issues!

  11. Aaaaaand no phone for you.

  12. Lol. Neversettle… A big FU one Plus.. watch a 5.5″ phone in a 5″ body when LG G3 comes.

  13. Breaking News: One Plus One CEO granted “Key To The City” level access to the Troll King forums, unprecedented for a user with no posts

  14. lolool..sorry..you got the first invisible phone..way to go.

  15. Unacceptable. I sure as hell don’t trust this company.

    Just send me my cheap ass high end phone so I don’t have to think about you ever again.

  16. looks fake

  17. Way to big of a mistake!! #FAIL

  18. how funny the video is gone.

  19. I’m the guy in the video, and I would like to let you knoe THEY SOLVED THE PROBLEM AND THEY ARE INVESTIGATING!

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