May 14th, 2014

OnePlus One unboxing

Yesterday, we told you guys how the folks at OnePlus were shipping “Smash the Past” winners the One phone-only. No SIM tools. No chargers. No cables. Turns out, it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. It was merely an effort by OnePlus to ensure the phone got to winners without delay, given the shipping materials and accessories wouldn’t have been ready on time. No biggie.

But today, an unlucky OnePlus One winner got a little less than he was expecting, finding only an empty box on his doorstep instead of the OnePlus One he expecting. The “winner” posted the unboxing video onto YouTube where all the shipping tape still remained on the box and to be fair, there was a note congratulating him on his new OnePlus. While it’s entirely possible the phone could have been swiped during transit (it happens), we think it was more likely to have been a hiccup by the folks at OnePlus.

As a new startup, OnePlus warned us they’d likely make a few mistakes on the way and we have little doubt they’ll be working to fix this situation. What do you guys think of this snafu? Understandable? Or unacceptable? Video below.


We now have a statement from OnePlus who assures us, not only was the missing phone no fault of their own, but that they’re already working to make things right for the customer and avoid future mix ups in the future.

“Regarding the user who received an empty box, we immediately arranged to send him a new device. Each package is inspected before being shipped and the device in question has been lost in transit. Our policy is to first make things right for the customer, and we are now working with our courier partner to find out exactly what happened and find ways to avoid this is in the future.”

Thanks, DatGuy!

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