LG G3 leaked in press shots showing refined brushed metal design



With the LG G3 expected to be officially announced on May 27th the beans have been spilling at a rapid rate. Only days ago we got a look at some spy shots of the device followed by an official tease from LG. Now the first press renders of the phone in three different color schemes have made their way online.

As with earlier leaks, the phone — seen here in gold, black, and white — has a brushed metal motif that equates to a fairly premium-looking handset. Appearances might only be skin-deep, however, as current speculation says this brush metal design is achieved without the use of any actual brushed metal. Much like the awful faux-leather finish that has graced a number of Samsung devices, the G3 is expected to feature a polycarbonate construction that mimics the look (and, to a lesser extent, feel) of a different material.


For those playing along at home, the G3 is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch Quad-HD display, Snapdragon 805 quad-core processing, 3GB of RAM, and a 13MP camera. All this in a package, that judging by what we have seen so far, keeps as compact as possible. Particularly of note is the bezel around the display (or lack thereof). It’s not quite an edge-to-edge display, but it’s getting there.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. If they are using the same self-healing plastic material… It’ll be a premium material. Metal can’t fix it’s own scratches or deformities.

    1. I’d prefer this as well vs metal, to allow for wireless charging.

      1. Definitely . But wishing it also comes in real metal to help satisfy the legion of metal phone lovers

        1. We are many. We are one. We are Legion.

          I actually prefer the phone to be heavy and plastic isn’t heavy enough. My mom’s Note 2 is just so light for it’s size. I’m like “that’s impossible”. LoL!!

          1. Good example how what works for one person doesnt for the other. Its funny when people try to force their favorites onto you. For me I like my phones light as possible since i carry keys in my left pocket and my wallet and phone in my right.. The htc one m7 was always making my right pocket feel heavy while the g2 i can’t notice it there

          2. i understand personal preferences, but how in the heck did a phone make ur right pocket feel heavy, you talk as if you are hauling a dam brick, sorry dude you lost your mind. “a cell phone made my pocket feel heavy”

    2. unless you’re T1000 with liquid metal

      1. I’d rather sic a T-1000 on every person who belly-aches about devices not being or feeling “premium” or being “plastic/garbage” just because it’s polycarbonate.

        1. It’s not always the case that plastic is inferior. Consider the Nexus 5, or HTC One X for example. The association of plastic being cheap comes from Samsung and their horrible designs (which look cheap) with its shiny plastic, and fake chrome edges.

        2. its not that plastic = garbage… its specifically cheap feeling plastic = garbage

      2. LOL we are getting close to skynet aka google.

  2. I’ll take one in Black with Android 4.5 please

    1. There should be no other comments on here just this animated pic because anything anyone said will not do justice to this Master Piece.

  3. If those are the specs, I would buy…

  4. Very interested in the dimensions…

  5. Brushed metal plastic casing..

    1. Haters. They have no place.

      1. haters? I bought a G2 for my sister. What I am saying is factual knowledge. go spill your period somewhere else

  6. Put some capacitive buttons on that bottom bezel.

    1. No. For one, there is not enough space and second, no. Just no.

  7. Just please don’t look or run like TouchWiz! If so I may buy!

    1. The LG UI has always been much smoother than TouchWiz, so no need to worry about that and second the previous leaks show a completely revamped flat UI for the G3 so again, not to worry.

  8. Rumor is it will have a removable battery.

  9. Damn, this might be the first phone I would consider in gold. But that white/silver is calling my name

    1. I agree this is the first gold phone that does not make me want to puke.

  10. take note samsung. That is what a quality phone looks like

  11. Wow, this might make me reconsider getting the Nexus 6 this year. Really a great looking device.

  12. I’m loving this phone more & more every day. This has got to be my next android device.

  13. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…

    how much?

  14. Look at them bezels or lack of. Nice LG! Now I can’t wait to for the G3 based Nexus 6.

  15. Excited to see this phone released!
    Was the dig at Samsung really necessary?

    1. Have you not been reading their latest articles? Samsung is like the Lakers, Yankees, and Cowboys – you either love them or hate them. Phandroid has a few writers who take digs at Samsung every chance that they get. They also have a few writers who praise them every chance that they get.

      Generally speaking though, it’s not the writer taking a dig at Samsung. It’s them using perceived barbs at Samsung. I think that it could have been worded better, but then, tech news outlets and tech blogs aren’t exactly bastions of fine writing.

      Bottom line is that, if you like Samsung’s build quality, you’ll probably like LG’s. If you dislike Samsung’s, then you’ll probably dislike LG’s. LG has made no bones about it, they are in it to copy Samsung in many ways. These are two companies who battle each other in numerous markets, and now LG is really bringing it in the smartphone market.

  16. That’s hawt.

  17. can we please stop using the word “premium” to describe everything metal. Surely the tech community can find some other adjective to describe metal backings. Andi if the backing is polycarbonate isn’t it the same as the G2, which the “metal heads” classify as “cheap” plastic?

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