T-Mobile HTC One M8 gets Extreme Power Saving Mode, One M7 gets Sense 6


HTC One M7 Sense 6 status

HTC fans on T-Mobile are in for a special treat. HTC has just confirmed that software updates for both the HTC One M8 and HTC One (M7) will be rolling out “shortly.” Jumping onto HTC’s software updates page shows Sense 6 in the “completed” stage for last year’s HTC One (M7). What about the HTC One M8? Well, the M8 is seeing that Extreme Power Saving Mode update we saw hit the AT&T version yesterday. Enjoy!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Hellz yeah

  2. Already downloaded in Naperville, IL. Thanks for the update finally, Tmo and HTC. That was quicker than I would have thought because status was showing In Development earlier today.

  3. Hopefully Sprint will have the update ready by early next week!

    1. Yeah…let’s go Sprint

  4. Got mine last night, so far so good!

  5. Yep, got mine on AT&T last week.

  6. Oh wow. It jumped straight from Development to Complete. LoL!!

  7. I got this update yesterday… I’d been praying maybe HTC said “Hey! Let’s add a native file manager so our users and fans can actually move files to their SD card again” but nope. Ah well, maybe I’ll write a couple more emails again. *shrug*

    1. But the HTC One M7 doesn’t have an SD card slot?

      1. But the M8 which is what I’m discussing does. :)

        1. Gotcha.

  8. Still stuck w/the “Always Visible” w/Bluetooth FUBAR.

    I’m guessing all variants of the M8 have this quirk…….

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