May 9th, 2014

LG Isai FL KDDI Japan

It was only yesterday Japanese carrier KDDI officially announced the LG Isai FL. Carrying a 5.5-inch QHD display, ever since we first caught glimpse of the Isai a few weeks back we figured we were merely looking at a Japanese branded LG G3.

At the time, the LG Isai FL carried many of the same rumored specs as the LG G3, leading us (and many others) to believe the phone may have offer a sneak peek at what LG has in store for the upcoming LG G3 — namely, its incredibly small upper bezel area. Despite last year’s model being practically a mirror image of the G2 (see below image), it appears that may not be the case this year.


Last year’s LG Isai compared to the LG G2

In a statement to ZDNet Korea, LG is attempting to distance the 2 phones from each other, claiming that they are completely separate products and that the LG Isai doesn’t offer much of a hint of the LG G3’s design. LG further maintained that the phone was built and designed for the Japanese market, suggesting the LG G3’s design will look more like previous models in North America/South Korea.

This could explain why, in previous leaks (like the case leak here), the LG G3 wasn’t carrying the same super slim bezels. We’re not sure how many of you were banking on a nearly bezel-less design like the LG Isai FL, but if last year’s LG G2 is any indication, we should still be expecting some of the slimmest bezels on the market.

[via GforGames]


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