Foursquare reveals more details on Swarm, their new social app launching next week


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When Foursquare announced that they would be introducing a new social network called Swarm, they were a little mum on exactly how the app would work. I mean, we knew it would be similar to Foursquare with check-ins and location-based sharing taking center stage. But what we didn’t know is if Swarm would feature the same perks/achievements/mayorships as Foursquare.

As promised, Foursquare is back in another blog post detailing exactly how all (most) of Swarm’s social aspects will work. Like Foursquare, Swarm will offer fun little insights about your life. For instance, it’ll let you know if it’s your 4th time hanging out with Justine this week, or the first time hitting up the gym. For checkins, stickers to express your mood can be attached, with additional stickers that can be unlocked after multiple checkins.

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Foursquare’s trademark mayorships will also be making the trek on over to Swarm, only they’ll wont be open to everyone. Instead of “battling” it out for mayorships with any-and-all Swarm users, they’ll be restricted to only your specific circle of friends. This helps makes things not only more fun, but adds a more personal touch.

The folks at Foursquare also mentioned a new badge system — meant to reward users for searching out and discovering new places — as well as a few other unnamed surprises. Of course, we probably wont learn more until the app launches next week for both Android and iOS. For those wanting to be notified as soon as Swarm becomes available, hit up the official site here to sign up.

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