Official: Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to Virgin Mobile May 19th


Virgin Mobile Galaxy S5 landing page

It wasn’t too long ago it felt like MVNOs like Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile only got last year’s big Android leftovers. Well, the times they are a changin’ and after announcing plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy S5 for use on their network, Virgin Mobile is finally back with an official launch date: May 19th.

As a pre-paid carrier operating on Sprint’s network, Virgin still hasn’t revealed pricing but expect it to hit around the $500 mark (the Apple iPhone 5s 64GB is currently on sale for $525). Virgin Mobile’s lowest contract-free plans start out at only $35 a month for unlimited data, texting, and 300 minutes. They also offer $5 off for enrolling in auto-pay.

Not a bad deal for Android fans on a budget (providing you have ample Sprint coverage in your area). For more info, hit up the source link below.

Thanks, Android_Kitty!

[Virgin Mobile]

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  1. My brother had the $35 plan from Virgin Mobile for about a year on his GSII, he happened to break it at the same time I bought my Nexus 4…since it was near his birthday.. I gave up my first nexus phone and put him on the $40 T-Mobile…

    moral of this story is that VM’s $35 is great..enough so to keep service for a year…..

    1. This was a useless comment.

      1. just like your life.

        1. Are you upset nobody thinks you’re funny? It’s the internet. Get over it.

  2. finally a date! been on virgin for about 10 or so years, nice to see them getting such a device so soon after it comes out

  3. That’s what I am looking for! Although mother’s day is in this coming Sunday but I will purchase this all new Galaxy S5 along with wireless charger for my mom as a gift of
    mother’s day on 19th of May.

  4. They’re not crippling this like they did VM’s Galaxy S3?

  5. Having a flagship on VM is like having a submarine in the desert.

  6. Thanks Virgin, for a great NEW phone. Coverage is great in my area, with 4g as fast as the fiber optic in my home. Virgin has been decent with updates on my EVO V 4G making sure that the picture messaging bug was fixed! $35 per month gives me unlimited everything when using VOIP calling… Sprints coverage is only available in select locations so be sure you don’t live in a WIMAX 4G area (the S5 won’t utilize the WIMAX signal.) Their 3G is adequate for Google Maps navigation and web browsing but not for Netflix. (You Tube streams without lag.) All in all their is no reason to go with a “contract” carrier if you live and play in a well covered area. PS The S5 IS Spirit Spark enabled (uses 4G and available WiFi for down loads at up to 60mbs)…

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