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Blurry cam photos and in-the-wild shots of the LG G3 be damned — (semi) official press renders are about to take over. The LG G3 has been leaked in full glory ahead of its May 27th unveiling, giving us a look at this device in its best light and angle.

The leaks confirm mostly everything we know about the design to this point — the rear placement of volume and power buttons return, albeit in more round form. The international version is also poised to feature an extendable antenna for use in certain markets (but folks in the US need not apply if the LG G2 is anything to go by).

One thing we still can’t figure out is an extra sensor on the rear of the device. We’re not sure if it’s some sort of infrared blaster or event a fingerprint scanner, but it shouldn’t be long before those details are made available to us by the South Korean company.

Other details, such as specs, have been talked about for a while now. Long story short: if the rumors are accurate then the LG G3 should be able to match, and maybe even exceed, the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. It’ll do so with a supposed 2560 x 1440 display and either a Snapdragon 800 or Snapdragon 801 processor (we’re hoping it’s the latter, of course). We’ll know a lot more by the end of the month.

[via MobileGeeks]

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  1. black one looks nice…much nicer then other leaks…and i like the matte finish i hope it stays true to that instead of that glossy nonsense…not that im getting it to big for me not a fan of phablet sized “phones”

  2. Obviously these are cases…

  3. LG please please PLEASE add some bulk.
    More battery is MUCH more important than an extra mm.
    P.S. YES. I’m aware G2’s battery is amazing. So- imagine even better.

  4. I’m down. My July upgrade can’t get here fast enough.

  5. These are cases

    1. Correct. And, they show the front, bottom ports, and rear goodies of the G3.

      1. Then they’re not an official press render. LG wouldn’t use a G3 in a case as a press render.

        1. Exactly. I don’t think much is actually revealed here. Just cases.

      2. There are some odd things on the top of that phone, other than the extendable antenna.

        We know the 3.5mm is on the bottom. But I can see some round input on the top of this phone. That and some sensor next to it? maybe?

        Maybe it’s a lanyard holder… But I doubt it.

        I want the antenna version. I want to feel like I’m Don Johnson back in the 90’s.

        1. Ir blaster?

          1. two ir blasters? Because it looks pretty likely the new sensor on the back is one. But, maybe, the one on the back is a secondary camera. Or maybe they did two ir… they are pretty cheap components.

  6. Nice!!!

  7. G2 is great. Flex is too. Definitely on this as soon as its available.

  8. Looks like it has a stylus too… or maybe it is really an antenna. :(

    1. That’s the TV antenna for the Korean market.

    2. That is exactly what I see there and it seems no one else noticed.. Imagine QHD display, latest specs, even better battery life, flattened UI.. and a stylus! This would make a true flagship killer..

    3. i gues someone didn’t read the article. I thought stylus too when I first saw the picture, but the article states it’s an antenna for other markets (not US).

  9. Looks good in black.

    Display resolution will kill performance in games, so if your gamer avoid this device.

    1. I wouldn’t knock it’s game performance yet. Yes it’s pushing more pixels, but we still don’t know for sure what processor it’s rocking. I’m still holding out hope for LG’s own octo-cores, and we don’t really know how those bench yet.

  10. I’m officially in love wit this phone

  11. looks awesome except for the while logo at the front

  12. Wow it looks so nice

  13. cool…how much?

  14. Third camera!!!… I really hope not and that it’s something more useful.

  15. Clearly, these are pictures of the phone with a case on it, BUT….is it just me or does the opening on the top look like a button? It also appears to be a silver color? Here is hoping the brushed metal invite was a precursor to what we will see.

    1. Its an antenna. If you bothered to read the 4 sentence article, you would know this.

      1. crocop24…arent you just a little ball of sunshine? I did, in fact, read the article. What I was referencing was the top corner appeared to be a silver button. Further down, I saw a port similar to a 3.5mm port and, DUMB ME, thought that JUST MAYBE that might be a port for an antenna. But now that you have enlightened me to my laziness, I will go back to my regularly scheduled afternoon of jammies and naps. Oh, and before you point it out….you are right, the button does not even resemble silver and is, in fact, a darker shade of fuchsia. Psssh. One post on this page in my entire life, simply making an observation and Capt. Douche McAlister has to bring the commentary. Good talk, Russ.

  16. Maybe that extra sensor port is for the heart-rate monitor they will be adding O_o.

  17. I don’t know if I could get used to the rear buttons.

    1. i thought that too when i first got my g2 but it actually grows on you. And with the knock on feature you really don’t need to use them that much.

      1. is great that sometimes i forget my nexus 10 does not have that.

    2. the rear buttons you get used to. knock on turns the phone on and off. how often do you really change your volume on your phone? also since the buttons are on the rear of the phone, you dont have any wakelocks or your phone turning on and off because its in your pockets

    3. It becomes muscle memory after about a week or 2. Now, I’m always fingering the back of my friends’ phones, even when they’re not a G2 :P

      1. If you are fingering the back of your friends phones that’s your business… however i wouldn’t be advertising it. :)

        1. ok let me fix it for senor chavez i think he having to much 5 de mayo fiesta…..
          Chris Chavez Phandroid Team smithj33 • 38 minutes ago
          It becomes muscle memory after about a week or 2. Now, I’m always fingering the back of my friends, even when they’re not a G2 :P

      2. “Phrasing!”

    4. I use Tasker to manage my volume for the most part and the Knock On/Knock Code will make it so you don’t even have to use the power button. I am really considering the G3 as my next device

  18. Rear buttons just seem weird. : S And the phone has a case on it in these pictures.

  19. If there’s a Nexus/Silver version of this that looks exactly the same without the LG logo, count me in.

    1. Rumors are that the Nexus 6 will be based on this phone, I certainly hope so.

      1. If Google pull that ‘Hey I’ve got a great idea, let’s reduce the battery capacity!’ crap again then I will be officially pissed off.

        1. As long as it has 3000 mHa or better I will be happy, but then again I am one of the few that gets good life out of the 2100 mHa battery on the Nexus 4.

          1. I got great life out of my Nexus 4, but my Nexus 5 has been an absolute shambles since the day I got it. It spends 90% of it’s time on charge – I hate it.

  20. Next to the antenna is a black circle just like the IR blaster on the G2. So I’d imagine the thing on the back is a fingerprint scanner most likely. Unless I’m missing something?

  21. i think these are previews from a phone case company and not the actual phone from lg…they have a case on em

  22. Built in pen like the note.

    1. It’s an antenna for the Korean market. Every major smartphone out there has ’em.

      1. Since they can make space for an antenna for the Korean market, it would be pretty easy to put a stylus in there for the rest of us who don’t need an expandable antenna. The appropriate cavity is already built into the design.

        1. THIS!

  23. This is not an “Official” render from LG, it has been verified that it is a render from a case manufacturer. And that is just a hole in the case for the antenna for the overseas version.

  24. Funny how these photos look like the exact same photos we’ve been seeing for days…which clearly depict a device with a case on it

  25. I got my hopes up when seeing the phone, but no pen just an antenna. How hard is it for the competition to release a Note 3 alternative?

  26. why couldn’t lg have put their ugly logo on the back of the phone instead of the front? It makes the phone look cheap with their ugly logo

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