Google Now Launcher 1.0.16 update rolling out now along with Google Camera 2.1.043


stock GS5

An update the Google Now Launcher is currently rolling out now in the Google Play Store. Marked with today’s date (May 9th), the 1.0.16 update sounds like it could be pretty minor given Google didn’t even bother posting a changelog to its Play Store listing.

The good news is, according to reports from rooted users, the update doesn’t seem to break the Xposed GEL Settings module (Xgel), so don’t worry about the update killing compatibility. In addition to Google Now Launcher, the Google Camera app also saw a .01 bump in version number to 2.1.043.

We’ll go ahead and link both down below should you feel like downloading/updating. Just don’t forget the Google Now Launcher is only available to “stock” Android devices in the Play Store, but is easily sideloaded. Should someone grab the update, feel free to post a 3rd party download link in the comments. Cheers!

Download/update on Google Play: Google Now Launcher 1.0.16 | Google Camera 2.1.043

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  1. Does anyone have the Google Now Launcher link to side load? Would love to try it out. Thanks

    1. It is linked at the bottom of the article.

      1. No its not genius. That links to the old version in the play store

      1. Thanks Stormy!

      2. Link doesn’t work

      3. Cheers Stormy.Both links A. …

      4. Thank u @stormy_beach:disqus

  2. I actually tried to do that but it takes you to the Play Store and says its not compatible. I have a Sprint HTC One M7. Its not a Nexus or Google Developer Edition. I remember a while back a link was posted to side load it but I can’t find it.

  3. Neither of the links posted so far work for me, both give me a parsing error.

    1. You dont have kitkat

      1. I know, I’m on Jellybean

  4. is it possible to alter the rows and columns in Google Now launcher? It works great on my LG G2, but the 4×4 grid looks terrible and wastes a bunch of screen real estate

    1. Yes with Xposed GEL

      1. oh you need to be rooted, that’s not an option for me – it’s a company phone and we use apps that detect root and wipe the phone. thanks for your reply anyway :)

        1. Real shame i was looking for something like that too .. because #SOLO launcher lets you do that :)
          Still a great tip @impulse101 thank u !!

  5. Can anyone explain to me why I cannot download Google now? It says my device is not compatible? I have an LG G2. Please help

    1. You don’t “Download” Google Now. You “Download” Google Search and open it and turn Google Now on. However, you should already have search installed.

    2. If you mean the google now launcher, then the g2 is incompatible because its not stock Android. Only GPE and nexus devices are compatible. You can sideload it if you wish to do so.

    3. Can you explain what you mean by sideload?

  6. Seriously, why in the heck is this limited to google play edition devices? So stupid. I’ve got a kit kat device, so what’s the problem?

  7. I just got the update on my N5 running Dirty Unicorns…

    Here’s the apk should anyone want it:

  8. Both not compitable with my phone……. HTC One X. Does anyone having same problem.

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