May 9th, 2014 publishUpdated   Feb 20th, 2015, 2:06 pm

New Gmail web UI 1

It was back towards the beginning of April we saw the first of Google’s upcoming app redesigns by way of Gmail. Featuring a completely new UX, the update showed a more colorful future for one of Google’s most popular Android apps. Those rumors are now finding new legs to stand on after a new UI for Gmail on the web was leaked, once again, by the folks at Geek.

The leaked screenshots show Gmail as it appears on the desktop, albeit still in the testing phases. That being said, we should expect a few changes before it officially rolls out to users on the web, but you can see how closely it mirrors the previous Android leak. Big blue bar along the top, color icons on the right, it’ll take some getting used to… but we think we like it.

New Gmail web UI 2

New features include the ability to pin important emails to the top of your inbox and small “creation bubbles” in the bottom right corner for quick access to unfinished drafts, and more. Hangouts will finally occupy its on section of your desktop, now located in a handy drop down on the upper right/side portion of your screen.

Overall it looks great but it’s still uncertain when we will finally see this rolling out to desktop browsers. Let’s hope Google isn’t trying to keep this hidden until Google I/O where we expect to learn more about updates to their Android apps and web-based services.

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