Dropbox announces Mailbox for Android, available later today on Google Play [UPDATE]


Mailbox for Android

The folks at Dropbox have announced that they’ll be bringing Mailbox, the popular iOS email app, to Android devices starting today. Mailbox — which joined Dropbox in March of last year — features swipeable gestures for archiving and deleting, much like the standard Gmail app, only adds a few tricks as well.

Users can actually snooze emails, removing them from their inbox entirely, only to return at a later date. Eventually, Mailbox will become smarter, knowing exactly the type of emails you’re more likely to snooze/archive, doing everything automagically.

Mailbox for Android

When viewing emails, Mailbox puts them together in a sort of handy conversation view, making it easier than ever to quickly to scan and get the gist of the convo. Mailbox is only available in limited beta at the moment (Google Play link isn’t quite live just yet), but if you want to sign up, hit up the source link below. Update: we’ve got the download link!

Download on Google Play: Mailbox


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  1. The link is live,just D/L from GOOGLE PLAY……….

  2. Wish Dropbox would increase their upload speed when syncing. I have Google Fiber in KC and Dropbox nicely syncs at 200Mbps download but it can only do 5Mbps upload. Google Drive typically does around 100/100, sometimes much higher.

    BTW, am working on a Google Fiber review here with all kinds of tests, let me know of any other services you’d like me to test…

    1. You’re complaining about something related to Google Fiber? Most of us won’t see Internet speeds like that until 2020, most likely. If you can remember dial-up speeds upvote.

      1. No, not GFiber, that Dropbox only does 5M up. Many other ISPs have more than 5M uplink.

        And I remember dialup, 300baud modems long before web based internet existed.

        And it wasn’t a complaint, a wish.

  3. It’s already available: I already uninstalled it. Don’t forget to remove the permissions from when you remove it.

    1. Why so fast? What was so horrible?

  4. I had it on my iPad, it’s over rated app. Rather cloud magic.

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