Apr 9th, 2014


T-Mobile has introduced a great new plan for those who aren’t interested in guzzling down buckets of data day by day. It’s the all new “Simple Starter” plan giving you 500MB of LTE data and unlimited talk and text for just $40 per month. It’s not yet clear what T-Mobile does to your data once you reach that threshold, but we have a feeling they won’t leave you totally high and dry for the entirety of the billing cycle.

Comparable plans at competing carriers tend to be as much as $15-$20 higher, with AT&T’s cheapest plan only affording you 300MB for $60. The new Simple Starter plan is fully compatible with the carrier’s JUMP program that lets you get smartphones for $0 down off-contract.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of a deal that allows you to get your ETF paid if you jump from a carrier you’re still under contract with. There is literally no reason you shouldn’t try T-Mobile if you’ve been looking for a new carrier now (unless, of course, their coverage isn’t up to par in your area).

The greatest part of today’s news? T-Mobile feels like they’ve been a bit quiet on the uncarrier front as of late, so they’re stacking three announcements back-to-back-to-back. More exciting announcements are expected both Thursday and Friday, so stay tuned to see what else they’ll be doing to change the game up and force these carriers into healthy competition. The new plans begin April 12th.

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