T-Mobile’s new “Simple Starter” plan gives unlimited talk/text and 500MB of LTE for $40



T-Mobile has introduced a great new plan for those who aren’t interested in guzzling down buckets of data day by day. It’s the all new “Simple Starter” plan giving you 500MB of LTE data and unlimited talk and text for just $40 per month. It’s not yet clear what T-Mobile does to your data once you reach that threshold, but we have a feeling they won’t leave you totally high and dry for the entirety of the billing cycle.

Comparable plans at competing carriers tend to be as much as $15-$20 higher, with AT&T’s cheapest plan only affording you 300MB for $60. The new Simple Starter plan is fully compatible with the carrier’s JUMP program that lets you get smartphones for $0 down off-contract.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of a deal that allows you to get your ETF paid if you jump from a carrier you’re still under contract with. There is literally no reason you shouldn’t try T-Mobile if you’ve been looking for a new carrier now (unless, of course, their coverage isn’t up to par in your area).

The greatest part of today’s news? T-Mobile feels like they’ve been a bit quiet on the uncarrier front as of late, so they’re stacking three announcements back-to-back-to-back. More exciting announcements are expected both Thursday and Friday, so stay tuned to see what else they’ll be doing to change the game up and force these carriers into healthy competition. The new plans begin April 12th.

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  1. Meh, not that great of a deal really…

    1. It’s metro pcs only they are a flat 40

  2. According t oa salesperson in the store, you merely get throttled.

    1. i think you mean the data speed gets throttled … not such a good thing if it’s the customer getting throttled.

      1. I didlol

  3. T-Mobile has lost some of the momentum from the last two bad announcements that took things away. I personally know where they have lost 12 lines to ATT and Verizon (7 ATT and 5 Verizon). Come on T-Mobile you were doing so good stirring the wireless pot.

    1. Really? Even with what they took away, they are still a better deal than either Verizon or AT&T.

      1. Not by much. Verizon with our discount co-worker pays 25.00 more with 5 lines. Got the HTCs for buy one get one. The math worked out. Better service.

        1. “with our discount”
          If you get a discount, why not use it?
          Which you are.

          Discounts aren’t fair. They’re always better. =.3

  4. Keep the unlimited minutes and give me more data. I’d do just fine with 500 minutes and 5GB data (or more :) ) for the same $40/month.

    1. Vrigin mobile has 300 minutes, unlimited Text + Data (up to 2.5gb full speed), my youngest brother uses this plan, works perfect…. T mobile should have this…

  5. If this was 1 Gig I’d be pretty pumped

    1. maybe you should get ready to be pumped … my phone plan data allotment just jumped 500mb from 2.5 GB (paid for 2GB + 500mb free) to 3GB (for the 2GB price) and my tablet allotment of 200 mb (included with subscription) to 1GB included w/subscription) … it’s possible that they are increasing their base tier for high speed data to 1 GB.

  6. I guess 500mb is fine if your only checking email. If you only need 500mb are you sure you even need a smart phone?

    1. maybe they find themselves constantly surrounded by wifi, and need a music player/camera more so than web browsing

    2. I’m a computer programmer who makes smart phone apps, and my wife and I rarely use 500MB combined. We are usually at home or at work, which means wifi. Things like app updates are marked wifi-only, my Google maps and voice recognition are set to offline, music and photos are on our SD cards, and neither of us have had the urge to watch movies when out and about, much less on a 5″ device…so what else is there? I do usually have to upgrade my data plan when I go on vacation, but the rest of the year I’d rather use that $20 for beer.

      So smart phone is needed and 500MB is just fine. QED.

      1. I’m also a computer programmer and I have been developing Android apps for 6 years. I understand that everyones usage is different however what I have learned from my family’s usage is that we all use more data than we do minutes. I admit that we don’t always use more than a gb but we never use less than 500mb each.

    3. So I’m paying the cell phone bill as a *rent* since I’m staying at home.

      Last month, my mom used 256MB of data.
      Month before, 286MB
      Our billing cycle renews every 7th.

      I’ve used 1.68GB as of now. LoL!! Netflix and Google music while riding the bus. =.P

      She has email syncing, Facebook and browses the internet. Yes, I also have no idea how she stays that low. Heck, she even uses Pandora. LoL!! But I guess she doesn’t use it that much. =.S

      I might see about lowering her data plan to save me some money. Hmm…

      EDIT: Like, WTF!? She’s only used 10MB since the 7th!? =.[

      1. wifi?

  7. wished there was an option for a plan WITHOUT data.

  8. How is this plan different than their $50 dollar plan?

    1. 500MB less data is all I can see so far. So it’s the old $50 plan from before they upped the data cap on it. Possibly can’t be family-planned?

    2. Their $50 plan has been boosted to 1GB I believe.

      EDIT: Yes. So their $50 plan has been boosted to 1GB and they kinda *remade* their $50 plan to this new $40 plan.

    3. You data actually stops at 500mb on this plan, whereas on the other ones it is just slowed.

  9. Good deal for $40 if all you do is talk and text.

  10. MetroPCS has had that plan for over a year, and it’s $40 per month + taxes and fees. I don’t know if T-Mobiles is different or has adapted metro’s plan since the merger.

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