Apr 7th, 2014


Looking to buy an Amazon Fire TV with the partial purpose of playing games soon? Unfortunately you won’t be able to play games that require the gaming controller for quite some time, as the company has placed it on backorder until May 11th.

It’s tough to say whether this means gaming on the Fire TV is extremely popular or if Amazon had a shortage to begin with. It’d be great news if the former scenario were true, as that would indicate Amazon’s gaming initiative has a good chance of taking off.

Fortunately, not all of Amazon’s games will require the gaming controller. Some can be played using the remote controller that ships with the Fire TV by default, so don’t be afraid to buy one now and get your gaming controller later. Note that you can also order your controller right now, though it won’t ship until May 11th (and you won’t be charged until that happens). Read our first impressions of Amazon Fire TV right here, and jump over to Amazon if you decide to purchase one.

[via AndroidForums.com]

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