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The next Moto X is expected to land this summer, and while we don’t know much about Motorola’s plans for a sequel to one of their best selling smartphones yet, we have a bit of a clue as to what they’ll be calling this mystery. As leaked by @evleaks, we could see Motorola bring their 2014 offering to the storefronts of the world as the Moto X+1.

moto x plus one

The leak didn’t give us much more beyond the wide release window of “coming soon,” but there’s no harm in letting our thoughts run wild. For starters, we’re certainly wondering what Motorola’s stance will be when it comes to processors. The original Moto X was seen as “outdated” as it was a custom configuration based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4.

While not all of us are in line with that belief — yours truly wrote an editorial about it last year — Motorola has to answer to the more vocal crowd, and that crowd seems to want some heavy duty firepower inside. Motorola also stuck to its guns on using 720p resolution in their high-end options, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do in that regard. We also wouldn’t mind a camera worth lifting a finger for.


Motorola was applauded for nearly everything else about the phone, though. Namely, their ability to provide 24 hours of battery life on just a 2,200mAh battery was quite popular, as well as their custom processor setup that enabled Touchless Controls and Active Display.

That build quality was as well as we’d ever seen for a phone, and the fact that they didn’t mess with Android’s stock user interface too much sat well with those who prefer not to deal with bloated OEM skins. Our full review has all the details in case you happened to miss it.

There’s no doubt Motorola has a lot riding on this upcoming release. Pressure to improve growth and financials have caused them to go back to the basics in every facet of their business.

It also doesn’t help that the company is in between being sold off to a third-party entity for the second time (that being Lenovo, if you aren’t in the know). With the launch of this new Moto X+1 paired with forthcoming innovations such as the gorgeous Moto 360 smart watch — both of which are still buoyed by longstanding rumors that Motorola will reenter the tablet space — 2014’s spotlight will definitely be fixed squarely on their backs.

The next generation Moto X is expected to launch this summer, so we should be close to seeing more details spring up as we move close to those months. Let us know what you’d like to see in the new Moto X in the comments section below!

[Update]: It looks like we might also be getting new options in MotoMaker for this release, with the same leakster tipping us off to possible leather backing options. No word on if leather will completely replace wood as the premium option for the 2014 model, but there it is.

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