Nokia X garners 1 million pre-orders in China



The Nokia X might not have been the Android phone we hoped for, but it sure seems like the Android phone many people want. Nokia is reporting heavy interest in the handset in China, pointing to pre-order sales figures of over 1 million devices in that country. That number was reached in only four days.

The results must be pleasing to Nokia, as the handset is doing just what the company intended. Rather than release a flagship Android device that would compete with its own line of Lumia devices running Windows Phone, Nokia wanted a low-cost smartphone that could help penetrate emerging markets (the phone isn’t even scheduled to launch in regions like North America).

The Nokia X runs a modified version of Android (skinned to resemble Nokia’s Windows Phone offerings) and sports a 4-inch display, dual-core Snapdragon processor, and 3MP camera. It is launching around the world this month. The device officially goes on sale in China starting March 25th. You can check our our hands-on with the X as well as Nokia’s XL and X+ as part of our coverage of last month’s Mobile World Congress exhibition.

[via Weibo (Nokia)]

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  1. That escalated quickly…

    1. I mean that really got out of hand fast.

  2. How is that possible? People in China really want that garbage of a phone when they already Oppo and Hauwei?

    1. I think 2 reasons.
      A: A lot of people in China prefer European and US brands. Because they consider them to be superior to Chinese brands.
      B: This is a really cheap phone. It might be cheaper then the phones that Oppo en Huawei offer and not everyone in China might be able to afford those phones.

  3. A crap pseudo-android phone crushes Apples 100,000 preorders of the 5S/5C lol

  4. I seriously hope the people who get it are so disappointed that they return it to buy a good Android phone that works like the ones their friends have. Lol

    1. Customer walks back in

      Wait…..why can’t I download my play store apps?

      1. Are they marketing it as an Android phone? Or are they marketing the phone without mentioning what OS is running on it?

      2. jokes on you, they dont even have/use playstore in china

  5. what pos a phone , they need to get moto g

  6. How much does it cost?

    1. Wasnt it gonna cost less then 100 dollars?

    2. ¥599 or $97 US (including taxes)

  7. Nokia X Custom Launcher Kitkat Plus Android Widgets

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