Nokia X arrives in India March 15th



The Nokia X won’t be coming the the United States, but it will be headed to several other locations around the world. One such country is India, where it has been announced that the X will touch down on March 15th.

The X, which features a rather meager spec list including a 4-inch display, dual-core 1GHz processor, and 3MP camera, was not designed as the flagship Android launch fans have lusted after since the days when Nokia adamantly denied the possibility. Rather, it’s a smartphone that caters to emerging markets where an affordable smartphone almost always trumps its expensive counterpart. A heavily skinned version of Android, which is themed to look similar to the Windows Phone platform found on a majority of Nokia handsets, acts as a gateway to the pending Microsoft subsidiary’s more premium models. The goal is to get first-time smartphone buyers into Nokia’s ecosystem, not Google’s. Android simply provides an affordable and attractive way to do so for all involved.

Speaking of affordable, the Nokia X will retail for Rs 8500, equivalent to about $140 in the States, off-contract. The pricing is actually slightly higher than the €89 (about Rs 7,500 or $125) pricing announced for Europe, and even ranks higher than pricing for the Nokia X+, which was introduced with a price point of €99 (about Rs 8,400 or $139). The X+ along with the Nokia XL were announced alongside the X at Mobile World Congress, rounding out the company’s Android lineup.

[via Deccan Chronicle]


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  2. crap phone

  3. Another pos phone from ms nokia

  4. nice phone..i want to buy this phone


    1. microsofts android suckss

  5. Does it support OTG? If yes, then use Meenova MicroSD to add storage.

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