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We have seen all the details on the Nokia X, X+ and XL, but what is it like to actually hold these devices and use them? We are live from MWC 2014, in Barcelona – the very heart of Catalonia. We had the chance to play around with some of these devices and have to say they are not as horrible as they seem.

We can assume the Nokia X family will not be the right set of devices for most of you. Us Android fans love our powerful specs and great performance, but what we love most is being backed by the Android operating system.


Completely different from any other Android device

The Nokia Lumia X, X+ and XL are nothing like your regular Android devices. I believe it is the most heavily customized Android-based software. It is based off Android AOSP, but the interface looks more like Nokia’s Asha devices.

In addition, these are not the Nokia Android devices we have all been dreaming off. Aside from not having Google support and a familiar Android feel, they are far lower-specced than most of us are used to. What is the advantage, then?

Aside from having the colorful and beautiful design we have fallen in love with Nokia for, these devices are priced amazingly low! Prices range from €89 to €109.


After using these for a while, I have come to the conclusion that I am not the biggest fan of these phones. Their UI is a little confusing, there is no Google Play Store and the specs don’t help the cause.

I am also sure it is the right device for some people out there, though. I happen to love the look of Nokia’s designs, so I would probably like one of these if I was more of a casual user. Or if I wasn’t an Android fan.

We must also consider the price. Right off the bat, you can tell Nokia had an idea of the market they were targeting. And for that market, it is a pretty neat phone! Check out our hands-on and let us know what you think of it!

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