Crazy Taxi available free today as Sega flags down a sequel



When it comes to classic driving games, it’s hard not to think of Crazy Taxi. The game, which brought its arcade-style gameplay to home consoles with its release for the ill-fated Dreamcast in 1999, is far from the typical racer or simulation. If you are feeling nostalgic (or, in many cases, are too young to even remember Crazy Taxi), here’s your chance to again rack up fares careening around stylistically rendered city streets. Crazy Taxi is available today as a free download for Android and iOS devices.

The release coincides with Sega’s announcement that we can soon expect a mobile-based sequel entitled Crazy Taxi: City Rush. The freemium game will take the original gameplay of Crazy Taxi and update it with improved graphics, customizable cabs, and expanded environments. No specific release date was revealed for the game, but it should be arriving very soon.

Download: Crazy Taxi (Google Play)

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  1. This will only be free until March 19th, so get it now if you’re interested.

  2. I can’t even find it in the Play Store, which is weird, because I’ve seen it before.

    1. It’s under “Crazy Taxi Free”.

  3. Bought this game a few weeks ago when it was on sale (iirc), but didn’t play it until just now, and… it’s what I remember, but not AS fun with touch or tilt controls. Uninstalled. Maybe the sequel will jazz things up.

  4. I paid $5 when it launched… I love it!! still on my phone although I do understand that the controls are a bit sucky….but the fun factor is still there..I will try my dualshock when I get home and see if it works….

  5. Still have my Dreamcast. Solid system.

    1. +1.

    2. I still have Crazy Taxi for my Dreamcast :-)

  6. this game is amazing i need to find my dreamcast !

  7. No joy for my Galaxy Nexus but I was able to get it for my much unused Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

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