Samsung goes back to bashing Apple in latest ad campaign [VIDEO]


We thought Samsung had gotten over their constant need to bait Apple in their advertising, but it looks like the South Korean company has suffered a bit of a relapse. Samsung’s latest advertising campaign takes things back to the basics — show how much better your product is than the competition, and do so in a rather humorous and demeaning way.

One ad shows how awesome the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7-inch 1080p display is up against the puny 4-inch non-HD display on the iPhone 5S. Another spot shows how the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is even thinner than an iPad Air, and shows that Samsung would choose a pencil over an iPad air any day. That last one is a shot at Apple’s ad of similar ilk, showing how the iPad Air is amazing because it’s thinner than a trusty old number 2.

Let’s be real here, folks: Samsung has already transcended to a space in the mobile race where they no longer need to bash Apple and their products. Samsung’s products stand alone well enough on their own, and it’s increasingly more apparent with each passing year that Apple no longer has a “magical” product.

Unfortunately for those of us with our finger on the mobile pulse, though, a significant portion of smartphone consumers still don’t realize that, and Samsung has to do whatever they can to make it more obvious than it already appears (especially if Apple bumps the screen sizes on their core iPhone products like they’re expected to do some point later this year).

Whether you agree with Samsung’s tactics or not, you have to admit they’re doing something right. After all, they do sell over 60% of all Android phones around the globe. Check the new ads out in the videos above and below, and expect Samsung to be dishing out more in the near future (especially since the Galaxy S5 is set to be announced next week).

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  1. lol I like the ads. I feel ike it’s getting old though the idea of making fun of Apple, but no one does it better than Samsung

    1. I liked the surface commercials where they were mocking siri

  2. Sometimes the truth can burn.

  3. I just watched the ads (no video) but the ads are quite good. (Im a HTC and Apple user). Thinking of Samsung S5 as next phone.. or maybe a Note 3..

  4. not a fan of samsung but good points made. htc totally need ads like this.

    1. HTC can’t afford being like that. They prefer paying Apple royalties for no-one-knows-what than being innovative.

  5. I usually just roll my eyes when these bashing ads come out, except for the guys voice being a bit annoying these are very well done.

  6. Seems like a waste of the advertising budget. Why not go after whoever is #2 or #3 on the android OEMs? Those are who they need to convince. It’s easier to switch to another android OEM than to switch mobile operating systems and let’s be honest with ourselves here.. This won’t work on apple users. Do you really think these ads are gonna make them suddenly go ” omg I’ve been wrong all these years! My tablet is .2 mm less thin than the samsung! I must pawn all of my apple stuff immediately and re buy all of my apps ( if I can find them on google play ) immediately! And why would I wait 6 more months for a bigger iPhone screen?

    Sorry Sammy it’s just not gonna happen

    1. when you own a huge share of the android market, you don’t spend your ad $ highlighting 2nd or 3rd place. Samsung is right in going after Apple – most users are still a bit clueless about the differences, and having a funny commercial taking jabs at (at least here in the US) the no.1 smartphone/tablet is good business sense

  7. Blah blah blah.. Bunch of Korean businessmen getting desperate. Meanwhile over at Apple they continue to demolish Samsung and other junk company’s in tablet sales. Apple is laughing all the way to the bank bitches!

    1. Show me some numbers to support please. Thank you Stevie!

      1. Search it buddy. If I’m right you get to suck your friend PhacMan little penis for your consolation prize. How do you like them APPLES! Lol

        1. Stevie, if you want to come here and have a normal discussion and be an apple fan, that’s fine. Please don’t come here and be rude. It just adds more fuel to the fire.

          I took your advice and “searched it”, and come up with this…


          I wouldn’t call a 9.2% margin “demolishing” by any means, but to each their own. In fact, if you combine Samsung and Asus alone, that just about matches Apple’s numbers…and that doesn’t even include the other android manufacturers numbers.

          If you don’t agree, please feel free to continue the discussion, just please do so in a courteous manner.


      2. Another LOSER!!

    2. I second Fred’s motion. Apple has ridiculously high profit margins on its devices and makes a hell of a lot of money (even more than Samsung per device). That is a bad thing for everyone except the company and its employees. Everyone else suffers because of margins and retail prices like that.

    3. Meanwhile over at Phandroid, you continue to be a clueless troll.

      1. I sincerely hope you mean Stevie.

    4. Selling outdated products that cost a little over a hundred to build and sold for $750+? I would say so they are laughing all the way to the bank, and people like you are the joke.

      1. Do you get paid or something to troll around different blogs all day long? Get a job or something or just simply kill yourself. LOSER!

        1. wait..whos a troll again? troll

  8. I dislike Samsung product, but these ads were amazing. I laughed. I grinned like a school boy. I loved the jab at Apple’s iPad pencil commercial, which was a jab at Samsung’s ORIGINAL thinner than a pencil commercial. Great job Samsung marketing team.

    1. samsung marketing is second to none, that’s for sure

  9. sooo funny ..after ios7 ipads have been slow as dog ..constantly freezes up wth Syeve

  10. ….And I’m gonna take this pencil.

    That was effing brilliant. I am certainly no samsung fan, but wow.

  11. oh knock it off..

  12. Haha. I loved the tablet one. On the first one I’m glad they highlight screen and most importantly the pen.

  13. Not a fan of Sammy, but these are brilliant.

  14. “That’s gonna leave a mark.”

  15. I own the Galaxy Note 3. Best. Phone. Ever. Sure, the iPhone still has a better camera than most other smartphones. But the Note 3’s camera is no slouch and Android lets me ignore Apple’s slight edge in this department.

    I haven’t succumbed to buying a tablet (because I enjoy my phablets and they are a nice compromise). But when I do, I will buy one with an OS that lets me make the most of the bigger screen size and resolution (i.e. multi-window apps).

    1. great device, but it’s not even a phone that would fit in my pocket
      totally useless as a mobile phone for most people

      1. Samsung did sell 10 million Galaxy Note 3’s in just two months in 2013 so clearly a lot of people don’t agree with you. I don’t have a problem fitting my phone into my jeans pocket and I’m an average-size guy.

        1. I dont have a problem fitting one into my pocket either, the problem comes when I sit down and it jams me in my hip. People buy them because the small phones are always slower or have less memory. If they came out with a S4 mini with the exact same specs as the larger model I’d pay twice as much for it.

  16. They can bash Apple all thy want but I’m not sure what’s worse iOS7 or Touchwiz.

    Ok, I may have gone overboard but wake me up when Samsung makes a phone again and not a Phablet. Moto X is the perfect size phone I’m never buying a 5.2″ device.

  17. Stick it to them Samsung and don’t let up. Make those Apple tools see red every time these commercials appear on their TV’s.

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