Feb 19th, 2014

We thought Samsung had gotten over their constant need to bait Apple in their advertising, but it looks like the South Korean company has suffered a bit of a relapse. Samsung’s latest advertising campaign takes things back to the basics — show how much better your product is than the competition, and do so in a rather humorous and demeaning way.

One ad shows how awesome the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7-inch 1080p display is up against the puny 4-inch non-HD display on the iPhone 5S. Another spot shows how the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is even thinner than an iPad Air, and shows that Samsung would choose a pencil over an iPad air any day. That last one is a shot at Apple’s ad of similar ilk, showing how the iPad Air is amazing because it’s thinner than a trusty old number 2.

Let’s be real here, folks: Samsung has already transcended to a space in the mobile race where they no longer need to bash Apple and their products. Samsung’s products stand alone well enough on their own, and it’s increasingly more apparent with each passing year that Apple no longer has a “magical” product.

Unfortunately for those of us with our finger on the mobile pulse, though, a significant portion of smartphone consumers still don’t realize that, and Samsung has to do whatever they can to make it more obvious than it already appears (especially if Apple bumps the screen sizes on their core iPhone products like they’re expected to do some point later this year).

Whether you agree with Samsung’s tactics or not, you have to admit they’re doing something right. After all, they do sell over 60% of all Android phones around the globe. Check the new ads out in the videos above and below, and expect Samsung to be dishing out more in the near future (especially since the Galaxy S5 is set to be announced next week).

[via iSource]