Samsung Galaxy S5 test photo leaked, 16MP camera and software features detailed


Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

We’ve had a good feeling Samsung would put an emphasis on improving the camera tech in their Galaxy flagship. In fact, it was only yesterday Samsung teased us with some information regarding a key component of the Galaxy S5’s camera: its enhanced LED flash module.

Camera hardware

Today, the boys at SamMobile (the same guys who detailed the S5’s fingerprint scanning home button) are spilling the beans on a few of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera and software features. Where previous rumors and leaks couldn’t quite decide if the device would come equipped with a 20MP or 16MP, it’s now being reported that 16 will be Samsung’s magic number for the S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera test AT&T

But just in case you needed further proof, @evleaks posted a sample photo taken by the AT&T version of the Galaxy S5. Although the photo was out of focus and didn’t reveal much in terms of quality, the resolution was revealed at 5312 x 2988 (15.9MP), once again confirming reports of a 16MP shooter. The 16MP camera (and processor) will be capable of capturing 4K at 30fps video, or 1080p at 60fps.

You may remember Samsung talking about their new ISOCELL technology which provides for photos with enhanced dynamic range but unfortunately, it’s still uncertain if the S5 will come equipped with this new tech.

Dedicated shutter button

If being able to take your phone out your pocket and snap pictures in an instant is important to you, Samsung will be including a dedicated camera button on the device, but it’s not the hardware button you’ve seen on other devices. Instead, Samsung will be using a sort of capacitive button along the side of the device (where a hardware shutter button is normally located) dubbed “Side Touch.” The button will only be active when the phone is in landscape mode, and will be disabled while holding the phone in portrait mode, while recording video, etc.. Could be nice but we’ll never understand why OEMs are so against including traditional hardware buttons for smartphone cameras?

Software features

With that out of the way, we can get into some of the software features and in typical Samsung fashion, there are a boatload of them. The S5 camera app will be given a UI overhaul to match the new TouchWiz and similar to Samsung’s mirrorless cameras, will allow more experienced users to adjust settings like the ISO, and choose between modes like HDR, Panorama, and all new for the Galaxy S5: 3D Tour Shot. Tour Shot is essentially Android’s PhotoSphere feature, but it’s unclear if Samsung will be adding anything special to the mix.

Also mentioned was Mosaic Shot, Smile Shot, Frame Shot, Vintage, Cartoon, Add Me, Action Shot, Stop Motion, Cartoon and Pet modes, although no description was given (so, you’ll just have to use your imagination for now). Expect all the other shooting modes from the Galaxy S4 to make a reappearance in the S5.

If custom effects/filters are what you’re after, Samsung will reportedly include a bevy (around 30 in all) with additional effects being made available for download as well.

And that just about does it for the Galaxy S5’s camera. Of course, we could talk about specs and features til will blue in the face, but the real moment of truth comes when we have actual test shots to mull over (you know, ones that are actually in focus). Samsung’s optics have rarely disappointed so we’re excited to see how they’ve improved in the Galaxy S5.

Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy S5 during their Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona, Spain on Monday the 24th. Of course, Phandroid will be in attendance for the event, bringing you our own hands-on and early impressions of the Galaxy S5 and more in our Mobile World Congress 2014 coverage kicking off next week. Only a few more days, guys!

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  1. The auto focus works great.

    1. The seemingly out-of-focus picture is actually a new camera effect present in the new S5 camera software, called S Blur.

      1. Dat S Blur doe…

  2. Between blurry cam photos and other leaked shots, people seriously need to take more time to know their device’s camera. Pathetic

  3. They must have had to get off a really quick shot to avoid the Samsung police. 16MP of blurriness

  4. that blurry picture is not to impressive looking… They couldn’t wait another second for the auto focus? Hmmmm I’m calling shenanigans

    1. I don’t think the person was testing image quality as much as making sure the camera on whatever prototype they were using actually works.

    2. Typical of a Leaked image. From someone who didn’t want to get caught!

      Why else would it be a down angled shot….. maybe even an accident… or test shot like we all do for no reason, but to proof it works and exists!

  5. Blurry cam is intentional.

  6. A fantastic camera by the specs but all we get is a frixking blurry image?? WTF?

  7. Sweet pic, brah.

  8. All I notice is the cheap plastic backplate.

    1. Could not agree more. Me thinks Samsung is trying to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes by touting the internals and charging crazy prices while the competition (HTC, Motorola, LG) actually put thought into the inside AND outside of their phones.

      1. I agree. The S4 is a tech wonder in a cheap plastic body

    2. That’s just a stock photo — looks like an S4. There are already pictures out of the new flash module and it looks completely different than the simple LED in the photo above.

    3. That photo isn’t the S5.

    4. Samsung doesn’t use plastic because it’s cheap. They use it because they are one of the premier Space Age Plastics Manufacturers on the planet now for 60yrs. Along with the simple fact that it’s far more functional than Cheaper DIE CAST RECYCLED Aluminum Apple uses on iScratchEasy and iBendOver to Crack a Smile at my lame iFanatical Appleholic iPhone Used Users!

      Notice you can almost bend Samsung Cheil Chemical Industries’s Infino Brand Polycarbonate (meaning it’s Carbon based chemically engineered to fit it’s purpose) back cover in half, when off the device. That’s a feature of being “Removable, Flexible, Durable, Scratch Resistant, Heat and Flame Resistant and above all easily REPLACEABLE”! ….on top of the fact that COLD CHEAPER RECYCLED DIE CAST ALUMINUM…. does not feel good to touch in Winter and even Worse in Summer.. when it conducts so much heat to your hand…. or face.

      The reason Apple uses this very same manufacturing process, as that used in making ALUMINUM TOYS….. instead of AIRCRAFT GRADE QUALITY ALUMINUM…. is #1, First and Foremost…. because it’s so much cheaper and RAISES PROFIT MARGINS FOR SHARE HOLDERS TO NEW HEIGHTS!

      Because….. they just don’t give a dam about giving customers better quality devices in the first place. Made with materials that are truly considered better quality for the given purpose. For the Apple Elitists, it’s all about the BOTTOM LINE and only PRETENDING to give you better quality, when they’re simply….NOT!

      Samsung Cheil Chemical and Industries “Infino Brand” PC (Polycarbonate Plastic) is the same material used in making Medical Industry Devices, Optometrics, Luxury Automotive Body Panels and the EXTREMELY LIGHT, DURABLE, CLEAR REMOVABLE CONVERTIBLE ROOF ON THE BUGATTI VEYRON…… and that isn’t exactly CHEAP EITHER!!!

      It’s the same environmentally friendly produced Cheil Infino Brand PC used in Samsung’s own Electric Concept Car the eMX’s Roof and other assorted parts. While Aircraft Grade Aluminum is great for some products, like Apple’s new super expensive Mac Pro Trash Can Designed PC…. it’s only good to look at in it’s thin light weight shell. But how many times are you going to be lifting that and carrying it around with you, while baking in summer heat outdoors, like a Macbook Air out in direct sun burning your fingers off, without being in case?

      Which brings me back around to Apple’s own… not so revolutionary or quality use of PLASTICS they only claim to have REINVENTED!

      But…. at least on the PLASTIC iPhone 5c, you can’t…. simply BARE HANDED BEND AND BREAK it in… HALF. Like you can an iPhone 5s that is. Scratch Resistant? iScratchGate iPhone 5s proves my point. Then again Apple’s iFanatics will SCREAM in your FACE…. how Great the Quality is of Apple’s $80 Pleatherette Vinyl Branded Case to protect it too! ….and we’re back to robbing you of your money for their Bottom Line again!

      While Samsung’s far more Leather like looking and feeling Infino PC back door can also be removed, replaced when worn and actually protects and cushions falling damage to internals better than Apple iPhone 5s’s Cheap Die cast AlumiGate material case! ….now what’s that about Samsung being cheap? ;-P Yeah…. just shut up already, because Samsung just sold more smartphones last year than Apple… Motorola…. Huawei… Lenovo…. HTC…. Sony… COMBINED! 315 Million to all iPhone Models combined of 150 Million! :D

    5. Dude says its premiere space age..blah blah…
      I’m sick of cheap plastic… My s4s got more nicks in the front …. My first smartphone the old HTC Evo 4G I dropped on concrete and bricks numerous times held up much better than this cheap- I mean space age_ plastic.
      I’m sick of paying top dollar for cheap.
      You contract .99 cent S4 owners dont mind I guess… But I pay full price and cheap plastic is not going to be a feature of my next phone.

      1. Say what? lol…. HTC Evo was known for getting nicked up scratched and scraped even it’s plastic back cover!

        I still have a HTC Evo 3D used for the camera only. Because it’s as nicked up as any other Polycarbonate back phone cover. The Gorilla Glass on front is the only thing that’s held up and Samsung has been making those glass covers in their own Corning Glass Joint Venture factories. Well until they traded in for being a majority Corning Glass share holder that is! ;-P

        And… how many smartphones did HTC sell last year again? hahaha…..

  9. I know why they don’t put more hardware buttons, after being an IT guy for a company that issues phones, it is single handedly the most common hardware failure on our phones, regardless of brand/manufacturer/etc. The moving parts apparently get dirt in them and otherwise fail to register presses in a consistant matter. Its sad, our touchscreens are much more reliable then our simple [tiny] buttons. I guess thats why we also still see giant, archaic buttons on things that actually matter. I welcome the capacitive shutter button, great idea Samsung!

  10. i bought my S4 full price- dont see any reason to buy this…
    no draw for current s4 owners

    1. How have you made this assumption on an un-released product? You don’t even know ANY confirmed specs? Or do you

      1. The leaks are generally on the money particularly the ones from scene people who have been correct numerous times before. Couple of megapixels better camera slightly brighter screen slightly more battery life…slight change in form factors more square… All slight improvements not worth me paying full price 700-750 dollars including case and batteries….
        And my comments are not representative of the Galaxy S 4 community by the way- my comments represent this full price phone buyers opinions- I never made any indication of speaking for anyone but myself… So you can drop that bit and you might want to stop representing the ‘community’ yourself. Indicating what the community wants -how would you know what they want? Believe it or not.

        1. 4k screen, 3gigs ram, and the processor. .. enough of a reason to upgrade

    2. Believe it or not, you aren’t representative of all current S4 owners.

  11. That answers the early rumors of a side display as a quick notification ticker, turns out it’s just a button.

  12. It’s interesting that some here are freaking out over quality on this shot, when it was really only meant to show the metadata specs and proof it’s a 16mp instead of a 20mp on that box in Germany! Samsung likes to do leaks that put doubt in the minds of consumers as well as fear and doubt (FUD) into the minds of the competition too. Whether Samsung used ISOCELL tech or not is what I want to know or are they still saving that for a more premium model or Galaxy Note 4 this summer!

    One tidbit of info on Galaxy Brand and where it originated. Samsung started using the Galaxy Brand around the same time Apple started using MacIntosh in the 80’s. It was a Luxury Brand of Men’s Suits. They have been in the Fashion and Fabrics Business since the 50’s in Cheil Industries now also a 60yr old Space Age Plastics and Materials division that’s gone to the moon, is used in luxury cars, optometrist, medical gear and formulated into the light weight concrete used to finish off the top floors of the tallest building on the planet in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!


    Just 4 years ago Samsung was not considered competitive in the smartphone industry. Although they made some very high priced models even made out of Gold, they mine in their own Gold Mines. Now they are the undisputed leader in Smartphones having sold more than the top 5 competing brands put together last year. By selling 315 Million Smartphones to Apple’s alone total sales number of all iPhone models sold of 150 million!

    This just goes to show that although they really weren’t in the camera game at all just two years ago, how far they’ve come in such a short time. Although they’ve made all their own sensors before, this year brings out Samsung’s own monster R&D spending in putting Sony in the back seat this year. Because without Samsung’s Millions of Galaxies with Sony sensors in them, they may be killing their camera division as well as their PC business and splitting out it’s TV Business too. Because of a $1.1 Billion Loss!

    Don’t look now Japan and Toyota, but the Koreans are coming to take all your prized electronics and automotive business away from you now. Hyundai/Kia has yet again brought in excellent income in staying ahead of Ford in automobiles and keeping the pressure on European, Japanese and American car makers too! ……so a country smaller than Japan, is taking over our World, with their Girls Generation K-Pop Too! ^_*

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