Feb 19th, 2014

HTC The All New One M8

And here it is, folks. Our first officially unofficial look at The All New HTC One. The image was posted earlier today by @evleaks, giving us little reason to doubt its authenticity (he’s always spot on when it comes to leaked press images). Lining up with earlier reports, it appears HTC will launch the device in gold although the rumored grey and silver models weren’t pictured (yet).

You’ll notice HTC doing away with the sometimes flawed “gapless” design of the original HTC One, choosing instead a more unibody look that wraps all the way around the sides, and provides a lip around the front of the device. As some of you are sure to point out, it looks like the HTC bezel is all but official now, but we’d recommend holding off superficial judgements on the phone until we see what it can actually do.

We wont have to wait too much longer. HTC’s worst kept secret is scheduled to be unveiled during HTC’s March 25th event in New York and London. Let’s hope they still have some surprises left in store.

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