Feb 18th, 2014

mega android collectible 1

We’ve always had our fair share of fun with these little miniature Android figurines by Andrew Bell via Dead Zebra, but it looks like the big boys are ready to come out and play. Andrew Bell has announced the new MEGA sized figurines, which are 10-inch versions of the little Android mascot we know and love. It might not be life-sized, but these things stand quite tall up against the originals. You can see a comparison in some of the images above and below.

And their physical stature isn’t the only thing getting bigger, either. These seem to cost a pretty penny at retail, with some stores beginning to list the plain figurines for a whopping $70. We can only imagine how much special limited edition designs will end up costing once Andrew Bell puts his creative genius to work.

Vinyl Riot is the first retailer we can find that has these for sale, though they won’t be shipping until the week of February 26th. They also have do-it-yourself versions available for $65, giving you a blank, white slate to make your figurine look however you want.

Andrew Bell expects them to be up on Dead Zebra soon as well, so keep an eye out there in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you’ll want to bookmark this Google+ page as Bell is looking to direct all discussion (whether it’s about deals, availability or whatever comes to mind) in that particular comment thread. Let us know if you’re going to be looking for these once they’re up for sale.

[via Google+]

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