HTC will now replace your display for free one time within 6 months of purchase


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It looks like HTC is adding some nice new perks to what they’re calling the “HTC Advantage.” Above 25GB and 50GB of free Google Drive storage (depending on device) and a promise of commitment to faster updates (and support for two years’ worth of updates from the device’s launch), HTC has announced that they will facilitate free display replacements for select phones of theirs. There are a few gotchas to take heed to, though:

  • You only get one such display replacement
  • You only get six months from the time of purchase to take advantage
  • This only applies to devices bought on or after February 18th (today), so your broken phone from 3 months ago won’t make the cut.

Think of it as an extended perk to their standard warranty. Typical display-shattering mishaps would either require a deductible for a replacement phone through carrier insurance, buying a new phone un-subsidized if you weren’t smart enough to get insurance, or the need to buy a display and replace it yourself. Unfortunately for most people, self replacements are expensive, and they don’t always go well. You’re still SoL if anything happens outside of the 6 months, but that’s still a lot better than current alternatives.

Of course, HTC will only be looking to offer this for their top three devices right now, including the HTC One, HTC One Max, and HTC One Mini. We imagine whatever device they have to announce March 25th will be added to that list as well. You can find the full terms in HTC’s expanded limited warranty document here if you’d like, but those are the basics. Keep it in mind the next time your phone takes a nasty tumble down a flight of stairs or face first onto a mean slab of concrete.

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  1. /Spider-Man family guy “you only get one.”

  2. Dang, my HTC Sensation won’t make the cut? lol

    1. How’d u crack the sensation? Lol that thing is indestructible

  3. Bravo HTC, bravo.

  4. I’m happy about the 25GB and 50GB depending on the device. I am all up for that. Bravo HTC !!!!

  5. And just out of curiosity what does this entail? Shipping your phone off to Taiwan for 2 months?

  6. Cheaper replacement would be way better.
    Make it a mail in $50 service for all their devices and it would move product.

  7. Too bad my hTC ONE X won’t make the cut.

  8. Smart enough to get insurance”, you mean smart enough to take care of your phone? If me and my wife had kept our insurance we would have already wasted over 700 dollars, not to mention the deductible we would have to pay if we needed a replacement. Insurance is a ripoff unless your the type that breaks about one or two phones per year.

    1. Yep. Especially nowadays it makes very little sense to pay for insurance when a lot of great phones (Nexus5, MotoX/G) are so cheap.

      I paid $690 for my Note3, and have never lost or broken a phone before, but if I did, I’d be better off spending the money I saved on a cheaper replacement phone.

    2. Yes, statistics show that insurance and extended warranties are not worth the money for the vast majority of people. You’d be far better in the long run off taking that premium and putting the money into a savings account.

    3. That “smart enough to get insurance” really got my attention. The only people who think some aren’t smart enough to get insurance are those who aren’t smart enough to realize it’s a sucker’s bet. If insurance didn’t work to the benefit of those selling it, they wouldn’t be selling it.

      That said, insurance does have it’s place – it’s intended to cover you when faced with a financially catastrophic event. For some, the sudden need to replace a $600 device *IS* catastrophic; for others it’s not. But for those for whom it is catastrophic, they were probably overreaching when they bought the $600 device in the first place.

  9. It’s a little annoying. The HTC I got two years ago got me free Dropbox space. Good thing the desktop apps make moving data easy.

  10. hello
    i have purchased my htc one for last 6 month
    and before 3 months my screen broken..
    now i m using with broken display…
    Any chance to replacment for my device…?
    But now my device 7 month going on…
    what will do… help me plz

    1. Hello


    2. Sorry mate, like the article said, this only applies to phones bought from today. So that phone screen is NOT covered. Good luck.

  11. 6 months isnt long enough, I might consider another HTC phone if this were for 2 years, the length of my subsidized contract term. My luck, I would break it 7 months in…. HTC, man up if you want to do this right.

    1. Lmfao… Some people are never happy. I’m a Samsung fan but this is a very nice move by HTC

      1. Probably right never happy, and this is a nice gesture on their part, but its still a gimmick to get press. What happens after 7 months, you are screwed if the lcd is cracked with the glass I would think this would look better if from 7 to 24 months they would replace the screen for 100 bucks. I would then see value in this and be able to opt out of insurance and save 8 bucks a month.

    2. It’s 6 mths longer than anyone else. Good on HTC for offering this not small bit of piece of mind.

  12. More like Noh, Canada, we will not stand on guard for thee screen.

    Nice I guess but would be even nicer if they offered this program to more countries outside of the US.

  13. 2 years of software support for a device costing close to $700?

    (even if subsidized with a plan, we’re STILL paying for it!)

    Imagine if microsoft or apple started releasing windows machines with only 2 years worth of guaranteed OS support…

    yeah. absolutely not worth it.

    1. oh yeah… and it’s for only 2 years from the devices launch!!!! LOL!!!

      So if you get a device after a year, you can assume you’ll get less than a year of supported OS fixes from HTC.


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