Feb 18th, 2014

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It looks like HTC is adding some nice new perks to what they’re calling the “HTC Advantage.” Above 25GB and 50GB of free Google Drive storage (depending on device) and a promise of commitment to faster updates (and support for two years’ worth of updates from the device’s launch), HTC has announced that they will facilitate free display replacements for select phones of theirs. There are a few gotchas to take heed to, though:

  • You only get one such display replacement
  • You only get six months from the time of purchase to take advantage
  • This only applies to devices bought on or after February 18th (today), so your broken phone from 3 months ago won’t make the cut.

Think of it as an extended perk to their standard warranty. Typical display-shattering mishaps would either require a deductible for a replacement phone through carrier insurance, buying a new phone un-subsidized if you weren’t smart enough to get insurance, or the need to buy a display and replace it yourself. Unfortunately for most people, self replacements are expensive, and they don’t always go well. You’re still SoL if anything happens outside of the 6 months, but that’s still a lot better than current alternatives.

Of course, HTC will only be looking to offer this for their top three devices right now, including the HTC One, HTC One Max, and HTC One Mini. We imagine whatever device they have to announce March 25th will be added to that list as well. You can find the full terms in HTC’s expanded limited warranty document here if you’d like, but those are the basics. Keep it in mind the next time your phone takes a nasty tumble down a flight of stairs or face first onto a mean slab of concrete.

[via HTC]

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