Is this render our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S5?



Got your salt shaker ready? The image above comes along with claims that what we see depicted might just be our very first look at the Galaxy S5. If so, the handset remains characteristically Samsung while embodying a greater design leap than the company managed for the move from the Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S4. Then again, this could simply be a decent enough fake hacked together from previous renders and composites.

I will leave that determination with the pixel detectives for now. Fake or not, Samsung has said in the past that it will opt for a new look with the Galaxy S5 compared to previous models. A schematic claiming to showcase the design of the phone caught our attention earlier this week. The two leaks feature a look that is similar enough, including thinner bezels and slightly smaller home button than previous Galaxy S handsets.

Samsung is scheduled to host an Unpacked event during Mobile World Congress where it is expected the Galaxy S5 could make its debut. Samsung has done a good enough job keeping the final look of the phone under wraps. As the phone gets closer to breaking cover, we might expect more leaks to follow.

[via Move Player]

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  1. Looks like a smaller TabPro 8.4.

  2. It seems nexus 5 inspired

    1. LG inspired, same lines on G2 & G FLEX….

    2. exactly what I thought…

      1. Me too!

  3. Seems legit only in that I don’t expect Samsung to stray too far away from their current design language. In any case, I’m just hoping there’s no faux-leather on the back… *shudder*

    1. Fake IMO. There’s a green battery icon with a transparent status bar. That’s not allowed anymore as per Google’s official certification. If it’s transparent, the icons have to be white.

      1. How about the Droid Maxx? We still have it blue. Thanks Verizon!!

        1. If I recall correctly, the rule he’s talking about wasn’t really enforced until about a month ago.

    2. But there was the whole Design 3.0 meeting which they do every 2 years to change the design. i.e. S1, S2, Note 1 = Design 1.0/S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 = Design 2.0. So I’m sure the design won’t be as rehashed as the S4 was.

  4. Very nice GPE please

  5. Looks ugly I won’t be going back to Samsung any time soon

  6. looks fake..other models with lock screen and s5 on mail screen..

    1. also other models time is at 12:45pm..while s5 is 1:23pm..

  7. I really wish they would remove the hold button!! It’s not needed & very much unnecessary.

    Since Sammy & I like having big screens what better way than to remove that button, less bezel & on screen buttons?!?! Makes sense to me

    1. Unnecessary button is unnecessary and not needed.

      1. it’s not unnecessary, i like the physical button..i usually have my phone on my desk and it is easier to unlock the device to check for missed notifications. furthermore, with immersive mode you have to swipe up and than press home button (or back/multitask), TWO steps! sheesh!

        1. That only takes a second at most, not a big deal imo.

          1. But nothing is as responsive as a physical button. Software buttons are the least responsive of any kind. I’d prefer to stick with a very tiny button at the bottom that gives me much more control over my phone. And again, it’s sooooo easy to turn the screen on. Power buttons mean your hand has to be near the top to turn on the screen, then you have to get your hand to the bottom to navigate. If you only have one hand available, you’re literally juggling your phone. So, carrying something out to the car, and also trying to check something on your phone? No physical home button means you’ve just greatly increased your chances of dropping your phone, and over concrete, no less. All for the sake of an additional 2-3mm of real estate.

          2. With my LG G2 I don’t have that problem, I simply tap my screen to turn it on.

      2. I really don’t get why people make such an issue out of the damn home button! Sheez!

      3. No home button? How do you expect to exit to your home screen from of whatever task you’re attending to on your device? Make the button smaller, sure. Make it capacitive, maybe. On-screen? Never.

    2. No thanks. All phones have a bezel and I would like it to be used for hardware buttons so I have 100% of my screen space available to me at all times.

      1. I’m tired of people wanting all the screen as if they can’t. This has been fixed with Android 4.4.

        You should be emailing developers to get on board and implement immersive mode. Samsung made this device for the majority, not you.

        I had to learn that with the lack of full high-end Qwerty phones. I’d love one, but OEM’s make devices for the majority, not me.

      2. I agree completely. On-screen buttons would take away enough space already. I’ve been using gestures instead of icons for apps on my home screens on my S3 for about 6 months now because icons just take real estate away from the display. I adore not having anything on my homescreens except my scrolling background through Nova and the occasional icons through launchpads through GMD Gesture Control.

    3. I loathe the home button but love Samsung’s products so I am stuck. I liked the capacitive buttons that the S1 and S2 had and was disappointed when the S3, Note 2, and now Note 3(I’ve own(ed) all of them) trotted out the physical button.

      I would love to see on screen buttons, pair that with KitKat’s immersive mode and you get the full screen experience with access to the notification bar/buttons with a simple swipe downward. To me that is the best of both worlds.

      1. I used to like physical buttons, until I went with a phone with software buttons – won’t go back now. Even still, I prefer physical buttons over the infernal capacitive ones which combine the weaknesses of physical and software but offer none of the advantages of either.

    4. Suggest that Samsung program a gesture that makes it so that when you swipe along the very bottom of the screen at a moderate pace it acts like the button if you really want them to do away with the inch of extra display you could gain from removing the home, back and menu button section completely.

  8. I like it, but I was really hoping for some forward facing speaker action on the bottom bezel.

  9. The power of plastic and sameness compels Samsung.

    1. How do you know it’s plastic? Can’t even see the back.

      1. It’s Samsung. When have they ever used anything other than that really really slick, shiny, fingerprint-magnet plastic?

        1. The Note 3 has a nice rubber/fake leather back. Not glossy or fingerprint-magnet. I also don’t like slippery metal phones. I prefer rubber coating on top of metal.

          1. Well, with the exception of that one…

          2. yeah with the exception to all their phones not made of plastics, when have they ever used anything other than really really slick, shiny, fingerprint-magnet plastic?

        2. Your logic is invalid. Move along.

          1. Oh? Do tell.

      2. Lol moron…

        1. Personal insults are fun. You should do more of them to spread the fun around.

    2. It seems like each company settles into its design niche and runs with it for a few revisions. Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG are all doing it. The next gen looks very close to the last gen for all of them.

      1. It’s not a bad design but it’s also not a design worthy of being repeated year after year. It gets old quick.

      2. I think people put too much emohasis on a phone’s physical appearance than it’s features & functions.


  11. Samsung Knights be like:

  12. no thanks too much crap ware installed by Samsung. s4 is a great phone btw gonna get nexus or sony from now on

  13. That GD home button. I will not buy another Galaxy phone if it has a physical home button. Hated it on my GS4, on screen home button is where it is at.

    1. And why do all these renders say “Mission District”, that gives me cause for concern.

  14. Making the M8 look even better…

  15. So this is what the Nexus 5 would look like if it had a home button…good to know…

  16. Me like it.

  17. I still don’t get the rationale behind having a home button. On screen keys are so much better.

    1. I like the home button, I always use it to turn the screen on and to uh, go back to the home screen.

      1. I think I’ve only used the home button once to turn on the screen. I’m so use to on-screen buttons because of my Nexus 4 and 5 and the Moto X. And they also have the back button on the wrong side.

        1. Back button on the wrong side? I like it on the right side, as it is easier to reach when using one-handed.

  18. No major design shift in my view. Too many people now drinking Samsung koolaid

    1. yeah…i was expecting a “major” design change, like triangular or rhombus shaped, or even heart-shaped..shame..

    2. “Grain of salt” means not confirmed. Simma down now.

      1. 8 more days to go. . . . .

  19. Btw this is a fan render based on leaks not the leaked image from samjunk

  20. Materials, Buttons, and bezels don’t mean anything if the radios, antennas, and speakers are shite and it can’t hold a signal, switch between signal sources, or let you hear the ringer or people speaking as well as other phones (Motorolas and post antenna-gate iPhones).

  21. Dear Phandroid.
    1. Home button will now be a Samsung search when pressed and held.
    2. Multi task key on the left.
    3. Back button on the right.

  22. This is a potential render, not a fake, Move Player has been pretty close

  23. The Home button isn’t needed anymore, with the new “immersive mode” in KitKat you can now go full screen, simply swiping the bottom or or top will bring them back.

    There is no need for these buttons anymore, also they are so easy to accidentally press, they are a pain.

    Get rid of them Samsung and make the device a bit smaller or add stereo speakers in their place.

    1. When I carried the phone in my pocket it would do all sorts of things on its own and the phone would get really hot. I finally figured out that the home button was accidentally being pressed while in my pocket.

      1. That doesn’t happen with me. I also use a blue Dualtek case.

    2. I agree with you completely, at first I was sceptical of on-screen buttons but I really enjoy them on my G2.

  24. Like galaxy s4……..!!!!!!!!!!

  25. KNOX blows big, fat, black, diseased, elephant tube steak.

    1. I have no opinion about Knox, but your comment is funny!!!

  26. Looks like its the same shape as the S4 Active.

  27. Seems like a white version of this animated composite I saw on reddit. Seems to match the leaked dimensions. Too S4-ish? —> http://www.gadgetlove.com/products/Phones/Samsung-Galaxy-S5

  28. The bottom and top bezel seem to be quite big. Even compared to my Note 3 they are much larger. Also I think I’m finally ready for the physical home button to disappear … It has been a good run but time to align with Android standards so updates can come faster.

    1. I despise huge bezels..just a waste of what could be screen space. .Agreed time for that home button also to go and use that space for more screen and go with software keys.

      1. No no no. I hate on screen buttons. It’s the worst for texting unless you use swype or fleksy. But it still sucks because I hit it during game usage and it messes up my experience.

    2. trade whatever you have in for the g2, (or g3 when that comes out). that will solve your bezel and home button problem, but not the “being up to date” problem, although with a little tweaking (stock, not rooted) the g2 has a really nice UI

    3. Home button doesn’t bother me at all.

      1. Honestly I actually like the home button but with Google cracking down on Android standards the home button goes against the grain. I seriously despise the fact that mobile platform still have on-screen menu buttons at the top of the phone, as if you’re using a desktop computer and are accessing the file menu. It’s poorly thought out and I’m positive something better can be done using gestures or some other methods. With phones getting bigger every day, having the menu up top really takes away from the experience and forces you to use two hands so you can reach all the way up to the menu. You’d think with the billions of dollars Google has and their hundreds of coders and designers someone would realize this and come up with a better solution.

  29. So, I went into at&t to look at buying a note 3. Rep there told me she had seen the new Samsung phones. She mentioned a screen on the side of the phone like a ticker that would preview your messages. Seems like it was bull, but you never know.

    1. Definitely. They’ll say anything to get a sale.

    2. I mean there is a concept from a while back when they were showing off their flexible screens.


  30. Holy crap!! This looks… the same.

  31. catching up to the LG G2.

  32. Its a FAKE… Why? Because the “S5” is the only one not showing the lockscreen ;)

    1. Hmm. . .that’s a really good point!

  33. No big difference…

    I would like to be howlike the leak

    We will see it soon..

  34. Android decides on a transparent notification bar and then samsung goes transparent black?? I don’t think so. Also, wouldn’t this make the screen size smaller since it’s quite a bit narrower but looks to be the same height?

  35. I find the smallish elongated home button on the GS clumsy to use. If they want to have a physical home button how about making it bigger and more sensitive?

  36. I call it fake. Main reasons being: 1. It looks too similar. With all the flack they took over that on the S4, I think they’ll change it more. 2. This is just a statistical thing, but: I have yet to see a Samsung phone that has the front camera directly in line with the sensors to its left. This is the easiest way I’ve found to spot a fake Samsung phone. Therefore, I’m guessing this is also a fake Samsung “concept.”
    I don’t understand the fascination with “concepts,” “renders,” or anything else of the sort. You never know what it’s going to look like. Go ahead and make your guess, stop trying to make me look at it because it makes no difference to the actual product. (This is directed at “news” sources. Make ’em if you want. Look if you want to follow a link. But don’t show me “this latest render from…” because it’s about as valuable as a Tom & Jerry cartoon (post bow-tie)).

    1. I’m sorry bud, but your camera theory is complete crap. Only two Galaxy S models didn’t line up the sensors with the front camera and they are the original S1 and the latest S4. I should know, I’ve owned every single one, but just in case you don’t believe me I present to you
      Galaxy S2 : http://forum.xda-developers.com/deviceForum/screenshots/1055/20130327T094824.jpg

      Galaxy S3 : http://www.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/samsung-galaxy-s3-hands-on-9.jpg

      So here we see that 50% of galaxy S models do in fact line up their front camera s with their sensors. Probably shouldn’t use that theory to spot the fakes any more.

      1. Before you throw words like “complete crap” around, you should check a little further. As it happens, I have the S3 sitting right beside me, along with the Note 3, and both of them have their cameras slightly lower than the sensors. A phone as old as the S2 I’m not really concerned about, nor am I only talking about S series phones.

        1. Even so, I’ll retract my statement. it seems there are various Samsung phones whose cameras are directly in line with the sensors, including a “Cricket” version of the S3. I was going only from the phones I’ve seen and paid attention to lately, namely the Mega, S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 mini, Note 2 and Note 3 (and now, I guess the Note 3 Neo). But all mainstream versions of those phones have cameras slightly lower than the sensors.

  37. This looks fishy to me because the S3 and S4 in the pic have the lock screen visible, but the “S5” is on the home screen. Why be inconsistent? Looks like somebody just took the supposedly leaked images of the new touchwiz and stuck it on a render.

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  39. same size screen? i hope not

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