Samsung schedules Feb 24th Unpacked 5 event, Galaxy S5 all but certain to make an appearance


Unpacked 5 Invitation Samsung

It’s happening! A few moments ago, Samsung delivered an invite for a Feb 24th event titled “Unpacked 5”. Coinciding with Mobile World Congress (in which we will be in attendance), we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, but we think it’s fairly obvious the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the main attraction.

Festivities kick off in Barcelona, Spain, with a live stream of the event taking place over on YouTube.com/SamsungMobile at 11AM PST. So, mark your calendars and be on the look out for Phandroid’s own hands-on coverage of the event as it happens. HYPED.

Chris Chavez
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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor mill keeps on churning, this time along with alleged details of the iPhone 6

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  1. Maybe they’ll UNPACK Touchwiz off of their phones? If Samsung needs blood for this to happen… the Seahawks murdering the Broncos should count as enough of a ritualistic sacrifice

    1. I live in Denver and I find every joke about the Super Bowl hilarious. I choked on my coffee when I read that. Holy cow.

      1. The Broncos and their fans have nothing to be ashamed of.. they went to the pinnacle… and they got beat. Beat handily. But they made it there.. if Peyton and company don’t learn and make it back, or worse, miss the playoffs next year, THEN they should be ashamed.

        1. They made it there, but then forgot to show up. They should be supremely ashamed. It’s a shame for other teams in the division — I’m not a Patriots fan, but the Patriots would have at least given the Seahawks a run for their money.

          Hell, even the *Chargers* wouldn’t have been as painful to watch as the Broncos.

          This was seriously the worst Superbowl ever. I was in a packed bar, and no one even paid attention for most of the second half.

  2. I’m interested to see if they’ll stick to a more stock Android look and feel.

    1. With the agreement with Google only just solidified it seems unlikely that they’d have time to overhaul the entire UI before they announce the phone. But then again who knows how long they’ve been in talks with Google – perhaps they’ve been working on a scaled back TouchWiz UI for a while.

      1. Google managed to sell an entire company in a matter of days if Motorola truly was part of the bargain. Motorola had Kit Kat running officially on the Moto X even with the carrier approval process in 3 weeks. I don’t think it would be too much to ask for Samsung to undo some of the atrocious things they do to Android before the unveil of the S5.

        1. Without knowing exactly what Samsung has agreed to scale back (assuming TouchWiz will even be scaled back?) it’s hard to say how long it would take them to make the changes. If all they’re doing is removing the Samsung Apps suite then it’ll be simple because the rest of TW won’t change, if they’re making changes to TW then I wouldn’t expect to see them with the release of the S5.

  3. I wonder if they are moving the S5 release forward several months (and why) or just announcing it several months early (and why)

    1. The S4 was released in April of last year and the S5 will be released in either March or April of this year.

  4. If they tone down touchwiz I may get the phone.

    1. Just replace TW with Nova Launcher

      1. Nova can’t replace the notification shade or the settings menu and it doesn’t get rid of the bloat.

  5. It’s crazy how people expect new phones to come out so quickly. Seems like hardware is moving faster than a chance for the software to really improve. Eating up crazy ridiculous precious resources and waste produced from it all all due to such high demand from investors and consumers. Would love to see companies spend more time improving software and actually taking time to release hardware instead of just spitting it out like a new car every year. Kit Kat is great, but how about software improvements on everyday tasks. I know all the top phones and even the nexus 4 and 5 could handle it.

    1. I said this a few weeks ago and got a lot of crap for it from the MOAR SPECS NAO. crowd. But yeah man I’m with you 100% it’s a waste of resources.

      1. Its amazing how many people (tech people mainly) are all about the “specs” rather than what it can do. Its live the PC vs Mac hardware comparison where you cant just compare the hardware speed against each other.. its the big picture on how it works well. For me, the software on the HTC is good.. I like the gallery app and its ability to make 30sec highlight videos. I need an on device app like this on a non HTC device if I was to change from the HTC One.

  6. YES!! All these rumors are driving me insane!! I need to know something. Finally!! Something will be revealed.

    Let’s see what Samsung is bringing to the table this time.

    1. I wish they’d bring frigging updates, U.S note 3 still on jellybean.

    2. We are bringing brushed metal with no colour on the front. S cases are the future which will determine the colour of your desired flagship.
      You heard it first here folks. Accessories are going to be a big part of Samsung

  7. I just want to see a Glass and Gear product that will push that market forward. Maybe I’m asking for too much from Sammy.

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