HTC teases an easy fix for broken displays, in-house repair service incoming?


HTC broken phone screens are easy to fix

Just before HTC’s big AMA on Reddit, the Taiwanese manufacturer began teasing some kind of new repair service they may begin on offering on Twitter. No details were given, only HTC hinting that broken screens are easily replaceable and that more would be revealed on February 18th.

I think we can all agree, there’s probably no worse feeling in the world than when you drop your phone and find the display (or back) has been shattered (also, no better feeling when you find out the screen is intact). If HTC has some sort of cheap solution to keep our phones looking their best — whether it be an in-house repair service or affordable insurance ala Apple Care — we’re all ears.


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  1. THIS would make me consider an HTC phone next. Good to hear they are looking to make phones more repairable unlike most phones on the market today.

  2. Looks like HTC is now finding a way to tailor to people who keep their phones for 3+ years. Pretty sweet. And all this bashing to HTC. They know they did bad in the past and showing that they’re making a difference.

    I hope this influences other OEM’s to do something like this. That’ll make things better for everyone who doesn’t want an HTC phone.

  3. It would be nice if they made their displays without making the lcd and glass one unit. I know the Atrix was like that, but I think that’s the only device I have owned where only the glass would need to be replaced. Anyways, that would make it cheaper.

  4. When I had my s3 I had shattered the screen (not the LCD nor digitizer, just the glass) around 4 months into having it. After just have being burnt by sprint insurance (3 weeks without a phone due to them being incompitant) and switching to verizon I had vowed to never waste my time with insurance again. It took about an hour of research, (mainly because I wasn’t sure what temps lcd could stand up to and find in a definitive answer depended on a few variables) a 20 dollar kit, and 30 min worth of time to the actual repair.

    Most phone screens are even simpler to repair as they are not glued together in one piece… So yeah phone screens are easy to repair… so what.

    Honestly I’m not sure how a company offering a screen repair service would make people swarm to them. There are already plenty of options out there for DIYers and plenty of companies that will repair your phone aftermarket… Just most people simply use their phone insurance instead.

    1. Wow that suck fir you. They were one day late with my phone so Sprint just gave me a new one from the box.

    2. Dude not all phone are easy to replace… and what happen if you don’t have insurace?

  5. In what world is applecare cheap. I hope it’s not like applecare I hope it is actually cheap

  6. HTC One screen repair is nearly impossible for a non expert. Maybe it’s gotten easier but the tear down score was pretty bad. That is 1 reason I’ve stayed away from it.

    1. HTC FIRST broken screen is impossible to repair…

  7. I have a completely shattered Rezound that won’t respond when I’m outside (northeast) … was debating new phone, but would love to just fix it

  8. what about purple main camera pics? quite a few of my friends )myself included, of course) are affected by it. Best Buy replaced my phone once, and the 2nd one is the same way. They refused to replace it again. HTC isn’t doing anything about it either. I don’t know what other options I have…seriously thinking about getting a Samsung instead.

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