Leaked Galaxy S5 schematics might give us our first peek at the device [RUMOR]


When Samsung finally unveils the Samsung Galaxy S5 during their Feb 24th Unpacked 5 event, let’s be honest — we don’t expect the design to look too different from previous offerings. With the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Tab Pros, and newly revised Galaxy S4, Samsung has invested a lot of time and energy (money) in creating their new Galaxy brand. It’s because of this, we anticipate the manufacturer will largely use the same design language for the next flagship.

And while we’ve been hearing a lot about the high-end specs Samsung will cram into the S5 (even seen a few benchmarks measuring its performance), what we haven’t gotten was an actual look at the device. Leave it to Sonny Dickson, a blogger who’s built a reputation on his accurate iPhone component leaks, to come across what looks like design schematics for the upcoming S5. Keep in mind that not even Dickson is sure of this “leaks” legitimacy, but it’s likely these images were provided by a case maker.

Galaxy S5 schematics

Judging by the measurements alone (141.7 x 72.5 x 8.2mm), the phone lines up with what we were expecting from a larger 5.25-inch display. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sits at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, and the Galaxy S3 was 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm. This means it could be taller than Galaxy S4, but thinner than the S3 (while still packing an unconfirmed 3,000mAh battery). Sounds exciting.

You’ll also notice what appears to be a dual-LED flash. Given the big deal Apple made about their white/amber LED flash combo, it only makes sense that, like HTC, Samsung would want in on this feature as well. Home button looks like it could be returning (did you expect any different). Looking at the bottom, you’ll notice a larger than normal hole on the bottom (bigger than your typical micro USB port). This could indicate Samsung will opt for USB 3.0 in the S5, similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

Again, we can’t stress enough to only take this leak with a grain of salt. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 unveiling event less than 2 weeks away, we wont have to wait long before we finally find out what Samsung has up their sleeve.

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  1. Whoa, if it is true, are we looking at a unibody design (No replaceable battery, no sd card??)

    I didn’t look hard enough, there are lines there that may indicate the typical removable battery door

    1. No SD card would be a huge mistake I’m pretty sure Samsung won’t make. After all they make sd cards and profit off them.

      1. Or they could promote cloud storage.

      2. No SD card would be the end of Samsung. I know many people (me included) who stick to Samsung for that reason alone (plus the removable battery).

        1. Yes, it would be catastrophic indeed.

  2. I love how the phone sizes have evolved with screen sizes growing much more than body sizes!!

  3. Isn’t this just a mock up of the S4?

  4. I have a GS3 and I have been wanting a metal body phone. There is little chance of me buying the GS5 if it looked like this. Looks too much like the GS3 and GS4. I want something that looks new after 2 years. Also looks like an old iPod with that metal back shaped how it is. Ugg.

  5. If this is accurate, I’m probably going to pass. The design is just too similar to the S3 and S4. Looks like we’re not getting on screen buttons either.

    1. Why do you even want on screen buttons? Nothing is as reliable as a physical button, and I can’t tell you how often I click that button just to check the time. It’s so much easier, especially when sitting on my desk top. On screen buttons are the least responsive buttons out there, and is the primary reason I stay away from Nexus devices.

      1. The Google Experience launcher just looks so beautiful with the software nav keys. I have a G2 and the knock-on feature has me covered every time I need to check the time etc.
        There’s also the benefit of having the additional screen real estate when consuming media.

      2. Physical buttons break…

        Though I agree with you when wanting to check the time or turn the phone on in general. That’s why I have the mod to use the HTC logo on the phone to wake it up.

      3. The hardware home button turns the phone on in my pocket constantly. It’s a terrible design, and the fact that it can’t be disabled except by rooting is unforgivable.

  6. I keep thinking more and more rumors are leaking out, but it’s the same article just shared a few days later from different sites.

  7. Well I wasn’t going to purchase anyway, but I will comment that if this is real, Ugghh!!

    Although I guess others will say my next phone is ugly as well, NOKIA ICON ftw

    1. Nokia? What’s that?

      1. I think travel back in time would help.

        1. If I could travel in time I’d go to the future, not to the past. :P

          1. But you can never come back. You’d be stuck in a future where you have no idea what choices you made to get to that future.

          2. Uh? The last choice would’ve been wanting to go to the future… I meant instant travel, without aging of course.

  8. If the S5 looks like this, then Samsung hasn’t leaned a single thing. I don’t want this to be a huge guessing game! “Oh so you have a S3, S4, or an S5?, can’t tell since they all look alike”

    1. Given the fact that if these rumors are true, the S5 will be bigger than the S4, i dont see how they could be confused.

    2. Consumers lose interest quickly when companies atop changing design. A lot of people are like “I already have the s3/s4 and this is pretty much the same thing”. It gets really boring to see the same design every year and I’m so sick of that hideous home button

    3. I don’t care if they keep the same form factor if the internals are updated. The only way it really matters is if you’re unhappy with the current form factor.

      OTOH, I’ll never buy another Samsung phone as long as there’s a pointless hardware Home button. That 1 button kills my battery life, and is the only thing I’d consider imperfect about the S4.

  9. Don’t judge the rumors.

    1. I stopped breathing in a paper sack after reading your advise…;-)

  10. The reasonable response to mockups like these may be something like, “Hmm, wonder what the real one will look like…” Not vitriolic and petty reactions. Mockups folks.

  11. When you say “leaked”. Do you mean Samsung is deliberately pissing on us with information, to get us ask excited on what comes out of the pee hole next?

    1. And I’ll be here lapping it up.

  12. I’m inclined to believe this one.. Not sure I like the home button thing though..

  13. Wow! So much meh. If the article said it was a s3/s4, I wouldn’t be able to tell if you were lying or not. Switch it up, Sammy

  14. Not impressed with the speaker.

  15. The galaxy s3 speaker looked a little premium then the S4 was just a tiny cut out and now the same again. Its not really an upgrade is it. Just by looking at it. What are you doing samsung!

    1. There’s an OEM tailoring to people that wants good speakers in their phones…

      1. *Good speakers and huge bezels.

      2. Good speakers in a cellphone? Not happening… never. It’s just not big enough, can’t vibrate enough to produce a sound with any kind of body and bass… it’s a novelty that it’s not worth the huge bezels.

        1. Now you’re just asking too much. In that case, there’s no point in having cameras, or heck anything else besides talking and texting.

          I know those speakers don’t compare to some Bose or Pioneer speakers. They’re still better than placing them on the back for them to be muffled by my hand when I’m playing games.

          Some would say “wear headphones”, but why should I wear headphones while at home? Why should I wear headphones if I’m standing in line for 5 or less minutes? There are times I like to hear my surroundings and also my phone.

          Novelty? Yes, and it’s a novelty I like for those specific occasions. Which is why I got the phone. Specifically for the front-facing speakers. And it’s not like that amount of bezel is making the phone impossible to hold. Unless you’re going to mention the HTC One Max. They outta line for that, and they know it. LoL!!

  16. Bigger than the last one, bleh.

  17. I like it, but I will wait till September for my new phone. My Note II is good enough for me.

  18. All these Samsung S5 and HTC M8 renders are making me like my Nexus 5 even more.

  19. I just can’t get excited about Samsung anymore. With my current S4 already seriously bloated, and the S5 will seemingly add to that. I have the international S4 and since the latest update to 4.3 I have serious lag on Nova and APEX, but I refuse to use the stock launcher.
    HTC has gone in the right direction, slimming down Sense and letting users decide what they want to stick on their phone. Besides, 3rd partys aps are nearly always better than the crap the manufacturers try to saddle you with.

  20. That….looks like…all the other ones lol.

  21. Screw that. I understand its impossible to fit faster and better hardware into the same size frames, but come on, all this larger and larger ridiculousness needs to stop. Instead of trying to make the fastest and better phones, manufacturers should focus on shrinking the hardware technology they already have available, and by shrinking I don’t mean “thinning” i.e, a 6 inch phone thats 2mm thick.

    1. … really?

      1. Well its just my opinion.. Its not just Samsung, it’s all the manufacturers. If they keep making phones bigger and bigger there’s gonna be no market for tablets. I miss the Droid Incredible sized phones.

        1. There are plenty of choices for smaller sized phones. They just aren’t flagship phones anymore. There’s nothing keeping you from getting mini versions of phones. Technology has been shrinking. It’s just that thinness weighs heavily on many peoples’ buying decisions. Miniaturization has been evidenced by flexible displays, LG’s stepped battery design, larger screens on smaller form factors (note 3 vs note 3), increased battery life, etc. Isn’t the point of new phones to make them faster and better? The fact is nobody will buy a new model of a phone if it’s similar to last year’s model but physically smaller. That’s partially why the S4 didn’t do as well as the S3.

          1. The mini phones that are out there these days are either only marginally better than the phones that were out 2 years ago and of the same size, or they are not true minis at all. The manufacturers could make flagship mini phones, but your right, the average consumer wouldn’t buy it because in the end a 4.3 inch galaxy s5 would cost more to produce than a 5.5 inch one. The average customer has a bigger is better mentality and would feel like they were getting ripped off on the more costly smaller model.

  22. What happened to Design 3.0?

  23. This the S5 molding I received from a vendor in China. I always buy cases in mass quantity from this vendor. He was right about the note 3 so idk maybe this is the s5

    1. I hope not… way too wide.

    2. Weird shape… Too wide. And what’s with the rounded back?

      1. I think they are trying to stick with the note 3 look since it’s the only one that looks different compared to note 2, s3, and s4.

        1. To me the Note 3 looks almost exactly like the S4 (but bigger), the same way the Note 2 looked the same as the S3…

  24. Omg if it will look like that i doubt ill buy it.. Exactly the same as gs4.. Wtf samsung? Design fail..

    1. Artist rendering fail… since this can’t be confirmed. Any of it and nothing wrong with GS4. Since in all it’s variations put together it totally out sold Apple’s iPhone 5s!

      Considering Galaxy S4 (standard model), Galaxy Active, Galaxy Zoom, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Max, etc. Same basic hardware and design layout. Let’s seen any other FAKE PHONEY COPYIST like CrApple beat that!!!! ;-P …..considering that they sold 91 Million smartphones last quarter and 315 Million total smartphones over last year alone! …..not including feature phones in totally BLOWING ALL THE COMPETITION COMBINED IN REAL NUMBERS TO REAL PEOPLE!!! …..not to deluded CrApple fans out to prove Apple makes more profits off their dumb ass’s by buying two or three iPhones!

  25. I need weatherproofing.

  26. 72.5mm? The G2 is only 70.9mm. They’re adding some unnecessary thickness for .05″ of extra screen there.

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