Feb 12th, 2014

When Samsung finally unveils the Samsung Galaxy S5 during their Feb 24th Unpacked 5 event, let’s be honest — we don’t expect the design to look too different from previous offerings. With the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Tab Pros, and newly revised Galaxy S4, Samsung has invested a lot of time and energy (money) in creating their new Galaxy brand. It’s because of this, we anticipate the manufacturer will largely use the same design language for the next flagship.

And while we’ve been hearing a lot about the high-end specs Samsung will cram into the S5 (even seen a few benchmarks measuring its performance), what we haven’t gotten was an actual look at the device. Leave it to Sonny Dickson, a blogger who’s built a reputation on his accurate iPhone component leaks, to come across what looks like design schematics for the upcoming S5. Keep in mind that not even Dickson is sure of this “leaks” legitimacy, but it’s likely these images were provided by a case maker.

Galaxy S5 schematics

Judging by the measurements alone (141.7 x 72.5 x 8.2mm), the phone lines up with what we were expecting from a larger 5.25-inch display. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sits at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, and the Galaxy S3 was 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm. This means it could be taller than Galaxy S4, but thinner than the S3 (while still packing an unconfirmed 3,000mAh battery). Sounds exciting.

You’ll also notice what appears to be a dual-LED flash. Given the big deal Apple made about their white/amber LED flash combo, it only makes sense that, like HTC, Samsung would want in on this feature as well. Home button looks like it could be returning (did you expect any different). Looking at the bottom, you’ll notice a larger than normal hole on the bottom (bigger than your typical micro USB port). This could indicate Samsung will opt for USB 3.0 in the S5, similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

Again, we can’t stress enough to only take this leak with a grain of salt. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 unveiling event less than 2 weeks away, we wont have to wait long before we finally find out what Samsung has up their sleeve.

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